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AirMech blends RTS and MOBA game styles in an intriguing public alpha

AirMech blends RTS and MOBA game styles in an intriguing public alpha

AirMech, from Carbon Games, is one of a number of in-development titles I’ve been playing over the last few weeks—and let me tell you, even as an alpha it’s looking great.

An intriguing blend of real time strategy and battle arena gameplay elements, with just a pinch of tower defence, AirMech drops the player into the thick of the action in a titular ‘AirMech’ transforming robot with the goal of seizing bases, commanding troops and fighting alongside them to secure victory. Using the AirMech’s flight mode, the player can airlift new units to any point on the map needing some extra firepower, extract damaged units for repairs, as well as translocate support units on the fly.

The goals in any of the game modes are fairly simple: versus mode pits 2 to 6 players against each other as the two teams each try to knock out their opponents’ home base, or ‘fortress’, first. The survival mode has a group of players defending their fortress from constant waves of AI enemies.

Airmech ModesAs the player progresses through the fairly short rounds in what is an often frantic, fast-paced game, they accumulate XP and level up—unlocking access to new units, alternative AirMechs or even new pilots which can then be purchased with either ‘kudos’ earned by playing or with the in-game currency ‘diamonds’ which are themselves purchased through the game’s store.

AirMech is in many ways an odd combination of MOBA and RTS. It’s not the most intuitive of games (even with the video guide below), and  certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s a unique concept, well presented, and well worth a look. AirMech was previously in closed Alpha testing but has just transitioned to public testing on the Chrome webstore, where you can try it out for free.


  1. NullenVoyd
    NullenVoyd This is like Herzog Zwei grew up! I totally need this!
  2. GooD
    GooD Looks quite interesting :)

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