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Auditorium coming to Steam

Auditorium coming to Steam

Auditorium downloadableAfter three years of being awesome, Cipher Prime has announced that their beautiful music game “Auditorium” is going to be downloadable on Steam and through the Cipher Prime store soon.

Auditorium has done well as an iOS app and a web-playable version, but a Steam version will be a welcome addition to the roster and should definitely help spread this intriguing game to a wider audience—as unique Indie games tend to do well on the platform.

Auditorium is an exploration of music, light, and color. There is a stream of light coming from off-screen and you must drop objects in its path; the objects redirect the stream in various ways. Your goal is to direct the light into music bars; as you send more light into the bars, orchestral music flows out of them. It’s soothing and it gets relatively challenging in later levels as complications are introduced.

When Auditorium becomes available on Steam, go add it to your collection; you won’t regret it.


  1. Tushon
    Tushon Awesome! I love Auditorium and will buy it to beat it (got stuck and didn't want to look it up on iPod Touch).
  2. Andrei Marks Hey Brian, just wanted to drop you a line from the Cipher Prime team and say thanks for writing about us! Viva la Icrontic!

    @Tushon, Good luck! Hell, I work at Cipher Prime and there are two levels I'm still trying to beat, so close!
  3. Preacher
    Preacher Love that game...Will buy!

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