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Darksiders II: Meet the team, contest, and TV spot
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Darksiders II: Meet the team, contest, and TV spot

Darksiders II: Death Lives

A slew of new stuff about Darksiders II has dropped recently. Among them is an in-depth Q&A session with the Darksiders II Game Director, details on a Darksiders II caption contest with swag prize giveaway, and an awesome new TV spot for the game. With the release date nudging closer, THQ are looking to keep the community engaged and interested until the day Death comes riding in.

Darksiders II hoodie

Death mask not included

The Darksiders II Q&A is the first of many to come with various people involved in the development of the game. THQ Sledgehammer catches up with Game Director Marvin Donald and shoots him six questions regarding the game, his career, and his design process. It’s an intimate look at some of the thought process behind the game, as well as a peek into the culture of THQ. You can find the Q&A with Marvin on the Darksiders II community forums.

Any regular to the Darksiders II community forums knows that caption contests happen on a weekly basis. This week, the stakes have been raised, and there is swag on the line. Go to the Darksiders II Facebook page and submit a caption for the Darksiders II image. Winners will take home an awesome Darksiders II hoodie.

Finally, here is a look at the chilling new TV spot for Darksiders II. Though the spot shows no gameplay footage, it certainly sets a strong standard for the mood of the game. The spot is currently airing on FX and Adult Swim. If this game is to follow Death, then by the looks of things THQ have nailed the feel of it.


  1. JBoogaloo
    JBoogaloo Yeah, that TV spot during Archer last night was pretty BA! I'm definitely looking forward to this coming.
  2. jokerz4fun
    jokerz4fun I have been waiting for the game to come out for a long time! I cant wait to get my hands on it.

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