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Socket 775 and AM2 heatsink roundup II

Socket 775 and AM2 heatsink roundup II

Icrontic’s Epic Heatsink Roundup – Part 2

Following Icrontic’s successful, and very EPIC 775/AM2 heatsink roundup last month, two more heatsinks have found their way into the lab. Today, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at Noctua’s brand new NH-U12P and SilverStone’s Nitrogon NT06-Lite.


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  1. GHoosdum
    GHoosdum That Noctua looks like a real winner...

    Coincidentally, prices on it seem to be going up since the review was published. Hmm...
  2. lemonlime
    lemonlime It is an excellent heatsink--especially when you consider its footprint, weight and fin spacing.

    It is unfortunate that newegg does not seem to carry Noctua products. Canadian buyers can find it at NCIX in the $49-59 range. There should be other US based retailers that carry it.
  3. Leonardo
    Leonardo Thanks, Mike. Good review. I'm always eager to learn of the latest in air cooling for CPUs.

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