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Hello Kitty Online players to help with Haiti earthquake relief

Hello Kitty Online players to help with Haiti earthquake relief

Starting January 21st, Hello Kitty Online players will be competing in guild-centered event called Food for Friends 2, which will translate into real donations to Doctors Without Borders.

The international medical relief organization requires funds to help the victims of Haiti’s recent earthquake, which nearly leveled the capitol city, Port au Prince; killed at least 50,000 people people; and left three million in need of food, water and medical care.

Players can visit Cinnimoroll in London on the 21st to get started. The cute brown puppy will then direct players to collect certain items for him to earn Loyalty Points for their guild. When the event is over on the 30th, Sanrio Digital (the owners of the Hello Kitty franchise) will donate money to DwB based on the player’s performance in North America, Europe, Malaysia, and Singapore (other locations will not be participating in the charity, but will still have access to the in-game event).


  1. Canti
    Canti We actually have several members who have this game installed. Why not get a group together and put some time into it for the fundraiser? This is a small and simple thing we can do to contribute. Haiti was already a country full of people living in extreme poverty and this disaster has already claimed the lives or some 70,000 people with estimates as high as 200,000, countless people are homeless and without food or water, and most of their infrastructure including hospitals, schools, and government buildings have been wiped out. Nearly the entire country is in ruins and they need all the help they can get to rebuild. Any way to donate or volunteer can help save lives and this way requires nothing more than some of you time.

    You can get the game here http://hko.aeriagames.com/ or find more information on other ways to help through these links.


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