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Hyperkin at CES 2013

Hyperkin at CES 2013

Hyperkin is not necessarily a household name when it comes to gaming accessories. Many gamers probably don’t realize that they’re the name behind the Game Genie for the PlayStation 3 and the portable pocket Super Nintendo console called the Supaboy. Regardless of their brandability, they’ve been around the block. This year at CES I met up with David Yu, Marketing Director of Hyperkin, and he showed me what they had for the 2013 show.

Game Genie for Nintendo 3DSGame Genie 3DS

Hyperkin have already brought out the Game Genie for the PlayStation 3 and they are bringing it back for the Nintendo 3DS. With an already stable community it can only grow with their recent addition. The Game Genie is the first cheat device of its kind for the 3DS and will assist gamers in overcoming even the most impossible games and it also works for the DS games as well, and it is compatible with all previous versions of the DS.

AK Striker for PlayStation MoveAK Striker

Yes, it is a PlayStation Move product. Yes, I know very few of us have them. But for those who do have the Move and do not have the Move sharpshooter, the AK Striker is just for you. The AK Striker is designed to replicate an AK-47, has been redesigned based on user feedback. The one neat feature is that the action buttons are located on the back of the handle and not weirdly placed on the side of the gun. You can use the AK Striker as a full rifle with the shoulder attachment or like a submachine gun with the shoulder attachment removed. This will be great with games for the Move like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, House of the Dead 4, and upcoming Dust 514 and Bioshock: Infinite

ComRad Gaming Audio HelmetBobby Miller Gaming Helmet

At first sight, I thought this was just a gimmick product that will never sell. I mean seriously—who would wear a military-looking helmet to play a video game? It’s like watching TV with special glasses to see the picture closer to you. The ComRad is a normal gaming headset with earphones and boom mic, but built into a faux military helmet. At the booth they had a handmade prototype on hand, so the sound quality was not that great, but that will change when the product comes out in early Spring 2013. The ComRad is completely wireless and is compatible for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and the PC.

Hyperkin products may not be practical in any sense, but you have to give them credit for laughs. They are unabashedly releasing products to make gaming a little more enjoyable.


  1. primesuspect
  2. primesuspect
    primesuspect We should buy a ComRad Gaming Audio Helmet for @UPSLynx. That could be his new head protector. Unforeseen market: super-tall gamers who need head protection.
  3. Creeperbane2
    Creeperbane2 My first thought after seeing that helmet;
    *Buys helmet, invades Poland"
    Then I read it was a gaming accessory.
  4. BHHammy
    BHHammy Almost every single Hyperkin product I've bought over the last year I've had to take back for a refund. Their quality control really is shit.
  5. shwaip

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