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iPad and iPhone OS 4.0 jailbroken

iPad and iPhone OS 4.0 jailbroken

Competing developers iPhone DevTeam and Geohot have announced preliminary successes in jailbreaking iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPad, respectively.

The iPhone DevTeam cracked the developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 less than a week after its announcement at Apple’s April 8 event in Cupertino, CA. Like all jailbreaks before it, the DevTeam will eventually release an automated utility like PwnageTool for users looking to break free of Apple’s walled garden and tap into Cydia, the unofficial app store, as well as the many new and unique features made possible by an open iPhone.

On the subject of the iPad, meanwhile, George “Geohot” Hotz of PlayStation 3 fame has long been competing with the iPhone DevTeam for primacy in the field of jailbreaking. Adding a feather to his cap, Hotz and his Blackra1n tool won the race to bust the iPad open and load Cydia (above right).

Neither the iPhone DevTeam nor Geohot have announced public availability of their tools, and the public release of iPhone OS 4.0 is not expected until mid-June.


  1. Gina When apple iPhone 4.0 comes out in June will we be able to unlock/or jailbreak iPhone 3rd gen 3.1.3 and new ipd touch both the new ones that apple store sells now????? Please reply or comment please some one anserw me cuz I've herd updating in in iTunes in June this summer might help everybody problem ginaadams74@yahoo.com no ads for money please just the truth will help thanks

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