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Come and take a Journey with me

Come and take a Journey with me

Journey for PlayStationSony and ThatGameCompany, makers of Flower, have just announced a release date for their upcoming game, Journey. Journey is set to release via PSN on March 13, 2012 for $14.99.

Jenova Chen, Creative Director for ThatGameCompany, explained in his recent blog post what Journey is all about.

You wake alone and surround by miles of burning, sprawling desert, and soon discover the looming mountaintop which is your goal. Faced with rolling sand dunes, age-old ruins, caves and howling winds, your passage will not be an easy one. The goal is to get to the mountaintop, but the experience along the way is discovering who you are, what this place is, and what your purpose is. Travel and explore this ancient, mysterious world alone, or with a stranger you meet along the way. Soar above ruins and glide across sands as you discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization. Featuring stunning visuals, haunting music, and unique online gameplay, Journey delivers an experience like no other.

I do not want to know anymore about this game. It’s now firmly in the “shut up and take my money” category.


  1. Winfrey
    Winfrey Just a city boy!
  2. RahnalH102
    RahnalH102 Jenova is an actual name? Cool.

    This would be in my "Shut up and take my rupees!" list but I don't have a PS3 atm. Probably won't for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, it's an instant buy.
  3. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ Saw it at CES. Looks AWESOME! The world is hella sparse but every once in a while you'll be walking around and stumble across another player in the same boat. The whole experience is trippy.
  4. pigflipper
    pigflipper ThatGameCompany was at IndieCade back in October as sponsors and displaying their previous games; the president of the company also gave a speech, but I was busy setting up for games of HvZ.

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