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Making wide screen TF2 desktop backgrounds with Source Filmmaker
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Making wide screen TF2 desktop backgrounds with Source Filmmaker

Recently, Valve released Source Filmmaker to open beta. Legions of TF2 fans are trying their hand at making movies. Some will be stars. Others, such as Icrontic member ErrorNullTurnip, are ready and willing to admit that they won’t be the next Scorsese.

What ErrorNull DID accomplish with SFM, however, was to turn some of his favorite scenes from Team Fortress 2 maps into widescreen desktop wallpapers for triple-monitor setups. He unveiled four 5760×1080 desktop backgrounds:

Widescreen TF2 desktop background 01

Hey, we know that scene. That’s the Blu intel room in 2fort!

Here’s another:

Widescreen Team Fortress 2 desktop background wallpaper

Still in good ol’ 2fort.

Team Fortress 2 desktop background wide screen triple monitor

The center point in Badlands

And finally,

5760x1080 triple screen wallpaper TF2


(You should totally play Team Fortress 2 with the best community on the web. That’s us)



  1. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi Just Plane Awesome. Can't wait to put these bad boys in rotation at work on Monday.

  2. Thrax
    Thrax Buy my Eyefinity.
  3. thewarden how do you take a picture of your screen? i cant seem to figure it out! im trying to make wallpapers.

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