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Mass Effect 3 goes gold

Mass Effect 3 goes gold

Mass Effect 3 Vega
A Tweet from Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson a mere five minutes ago tells the tale many gamers want to hear: Mass Effect 3 has gone gold.

Mass Effect 3 will conclude the tale of Commander Shepard as you attempt to save the galaxy from the Reapers. Players with saves from Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 will be able to import their characters, opening up additional features such as origin story components and additional dialog.

The release date is March 6, 2012, and it will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


  1. Chooch
    Chooch This game WILL be mine!!!
  2. RahnalH102
    RahnalH102 Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  3. pigflipper
    pigflipper HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY
  4. Canti
    So long as using Steam save files on Origin actually works. It totally should but I won't be surprised when it doesn't. That would be their way to get people to buy the first two games (again, which people will do) on Origin just to use their character for the entire series. Inconveniencing customers for more money is EA's master plan. This seems likely to me.
  5. pigflipper
    pigflipper I got all of my Steam EA games successfully transfered to Origin, though it took forever with a customer service rep, especially the DLC. Now that they are all on Origin, I am playing through ME1 and ME2 with a new (old) build and save file.
  6. Rexxar
  7. fatcat
    fatcat played the demo, yea, take my money
  8. Canti
    Canti I'll give them all of your money too. Demo crashed probably halfway through but it's pretty damn good. Trying it again later. And maybe I just remember wrong but I think the character creator might be less detailed than it was in ME2.
  9. fatcat
    fatcat seemed like there was more options than ME2, course it's been a year since I played
  10. Canti
    Canti Yeah there were only two choices for all the conversations I saw. I'm hoping that's just for the demo though.
  11. pigflipper
    pigflipper I, for one, loved the demo and the direction the game appears to be taking. My only complaint is that I now have to wait until the 6th to play the full game.

    I really hope I am not scheduled to work that day...
  12. Cyclonite
    Cyclonite The demo has tempted me to go back and play ME2 (and maybe 1) again, but on the PC this time to hopefully transfer my character to ME3. The only problem is I stupidly missed the recent deals and can't find it cheap anywhere. Maybe something will pop up soon. :)

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