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MechWarrior Online trailer
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MechWarrior Online trailer

Is this the MechWarrior game that we all have been waiting for? In MMO form? In any case, this trailer has me grabbing my helmet to get ready for battle. You can reserve your pilot name at MWOMercs. Enjoy the trailer.


  1. Thrax
    Thrax Skepticism: Online. Nerdboner: Online.
  2. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas Ohoho I've missed running around in my good old Madcat
  3. _k
    _k Free to play.
  4. Chooch
    Chooch I should have mention that it is indeed free-to-play. Thank you _k_.
  5. UPSLynx
  6. AlexDeGruven
  7. sharkydart
    sharkydart sharkyd: Mulling over fittings
    OneManTimberWolfPack: Ready to roam
  8. midga
    midga Dunno how keen I am on the proposed match system or the faction interactions, but from what I understand Smith & Tinker have a pretty big hand in this, so it should be fairly spot on. Also, from what I can tell, they're taking a lot of input from lore nerds. I think allying with a house could be interesting, but I'm planning some merc funness.

    If you haven't registered and reserved your pilot name yet, you're months behind the curve.
  9. BlackHawk
    BlackHawk Haven't played a Mech game since I first got a computer but I signed up.
  10. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx eridani light horse or bust.
  11. Thrax
    Thrax What names have people been reserving? :)

    Also, is this what the Smith & Tinker MW reboot turned into, or is there still another game on the way?
  12. _k
    _k This is it. They went through a lot of changes and moved to the unreal engine.
  13. TheAlertHusky

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