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New trailer for the Game of Thrones RPG

New trailer for the Game of Thrones RPG

Game of Thrones Feature

With the Game of Thrones role playing game set to bring George R.R. Martin’s epic saga to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners in a matter of months, Focus Home Interactive have released a new trailer just to showcase the plot of their latest work.

Promising 30 hours of gameplay in a world faithfully reproduced from the TV series by Cyanide Studio with Unreal Engine 3, and written under the supervision of the man himself, this looks promising for fans of the franchise and fantasy RPGs alike.


  1. kryyst
    kryyst Looks good but I have every confidence that Cyanide Studios will roll out another crappy game.
  2. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe It's weird, they keep putting out TV Shows, Video Games, etc instead of you know, finishing the books...
  3. Thrax
    Thrax Read about the Mereenese Knot.

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