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Nyko at CES 2013

Nyko at CES 2013

Nyko was on hand at CES, and once again they had their own private suite to show off their latest lineup in a peaceful and quiet place off the hubbub of the showfloor. This year Nyko’s main focus is on the WiiU. General complaints from WiiU users have started to appear, and Nyko stepped up to the plate and designed products that help resolved some of their issues.

UBoost U Boost Black

This add-on provides the WiiU GamePad twice the play time as the stock unit. The UBoost can be recharged using the existing WiiU GamePad adapter or GamePad Cradle, and it will charge both the UBoost and the WiiU Battery at the same time. The built-in pop out stand is perfect for watching movies and has several adjustable viewing angles. The UBoost is really easy to connect to the WiiU GamePad—it snaps onto the back of the controller and screws into place. A major plus is that the UBoost does not get in the way of of any of the buttons or ports.

Pro Commander87161 Controller PRO Raven

This controller looks and feels like the Xbox 360 controller, and this is not a bad thing. The Xbox 360 controller is a familiar and comfortable piece of gaming tech. The Pro Commander works well with all games compatible with Nintendo Pro Controller. On top of being a classic good design, it has a soft rubber finish. They claim the built-in battery provides up to 25 hours of playtime.

Charge Station U87155-Charge-Base-U

This charge system is really interesting. Not only will it charge your WiiU GamePad, but if you have the UBoost attached, you can set it down and it will charge both the UBoost and the WiiU GamePad battery. The Charge Station can charge not only the Wii U GamePad but also two Wii Remotes at the same time. It also includes two rechargeable battery packs for the Wii Remotes. This is one of those catch-all super-useful accessories that probably every WiiU owner could benefit from.

Charge Base Pro87158 Charge Base Black

This is probably one of my favorite products that Nyko has come out with. It easily charges two WiiU controllers at the same time, and it uses two magnetic USB Charge Adapters for convenient use. It uses the WiiU USB port for power, so it does not require an external wall-wart power brick. It is also a good way to store and charge your controllers in one place. The Charge Base Pro is also collapsible to easily store or carry around. This charging system is not only for the WiiU—they also have it available for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Nyko has always made accessories that make console gaming life easier, and 2013’s lineup is no different.


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