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OCZ aims to slim down and focus for 2013

OCZ aims to slim down and focus for 2013

It’s now 2013 and OCZ has emerged from last year’s difficulties as a company with a leaner, but significantly more focused product lineup. That lineup is meant to establish OCZ as a premium brand SSD manufacturer. There will be three product tiers: Value (Agility 3), Mainstream (Vertex 3/4), and Performance (Vertex 4, Vector, Vector PCIe).

This isn’t to say that all of OCZ’s other products are being immediately discontinued; it’s true that many will be phased out over the coming year, but there will be a couple of products that stick around for a while—such as the Synapse Caching SSD.

OCZ Vector PCIe at CES 2013The big announcement from OCZ is the Vector PCI Express drive, which is undergoing some final revisions before its release. The new SSD is aimed at workstation users who require extremely fast access to their programs and data. Its use of the Barefoot 3 controller provides consistently fast read and write speeds for both compressed and uncompressed data. The Vector PCIe inherits a number of features from the RevoDrive line:

  • Multiple controllers on a single board
  • Virtualized Controller Architecture enabling both SMART and TRIM support
  • Bootable Windows drive
  • Advanced NAND flash management for longer life

OCZ estimates speeds of up to 1GB/s and 140,000 IOPS—about as fast as a RevoDrive 3, but with much better performance across data types. The Vector PCIe comes with a five-year warranty and will be available in 240, 480, and 960GB capacities with pricing in the $1.40-1.70/GB range depending on size.

Oh, and because it’s a tradition:


  1. MrTRiot
    MrTRiot Makes good corporate sense but I'm a bit disappointed. I'm a big fan of OCZ power supplies
  2. mertesn
    mertesn There was nothing on display except for SSDs, which I'd take to mean nothing to announce. I'll get that clarified.
  3. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ My guess is all their PSUs will fall back under the PC Power and Cooling brand.
  4. Kwitko
    Kwitko Why is @Ryder not running OCZ?
  5. mertesn
    mertesn Just heard back from OCZ. Looks like PSUs are still business as usual. They're just getting super focused in the SSD market.
  6. mertesn
    Why is @Ryder not running OCZ?
    Because he's too busy handling the users that don't understand why running 10,000 benchmark loops is killing their SSD.
  7. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx I'm glad the tradition of CES OCZ card munching continues!
  8. Ryder
    Ryder @mertesn made the video again too (@ 32 seconds):

  9. mertesn
    mertesn Twice. Second time is at 38 seconds. Definitely my shirt and notebook.

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