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You can breathe now Boston. PAX East is staying

You can breathe now Boston. PAX East is staying

PAX EastBoston will be the home of PAX East for the next ten years thanks to the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. In addition, PAX organizers are going to donate $325,000 ($25,000 annually) to Becker College’s Massachusetts Digital Games Institute. MCCA says that PAX East has generated over $520 million for hotels and other businesses in Boston from the 237 events it hosted in 2011. Nearly 70,000 attended the three day event last year.

The contract to keep PAX East was going to expire after this April’s show as they predict that the event will draw in 75,000 this year and it is projected they will draw 100,000 annually over the next ten years.

This is a coup for the City of Boston. While most conventions seem to happen out west, gamers at least have one major convention closer to home.


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