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Preorder Company of Hats 2 and get heroes

Preorder Company of Hats 2 and get heroes

Today THQ announced that pre-orders for Company of Heroes 2 have begun on Steam, Origin, and directly through Shop THQ.

For those who choose Steam, they are offering extra goodies in a tiered release system if enough people pre-order. At level one, hats for TF2 will be unleashed. Yes, hats. Level two brings a free copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution (giftable if you already own it), and level three brings CoH2 in-game items such as in-game currency, an XP boost, a unit boost, and a new commander archetype.

Let’s be frank: There will be people who pre-order this game just because of the hats.

At any rate, all pre-orders, regardless of platform and purchase method, will get the basic pre-order bonus which includes beta access and skins for tanks.

Company of Heroes 2 pre-order bonuses on Steam

Company of Heroes 2 is being rabidly followed by the still-fervent fan base of the first (most highly rated RTS ever) game. Our old friend Bobby “UPSLynx” Miller (remember him?) is their community manager and he spends his days explaining to nerds why developers chose that particular beard for that particular soldier model and whether or not the bolts on the Kliment Voroshilov KV-1 were six- or eight-sided. If that sounds super-exciting to you, you can pre-purchase the game and then head on over to the CoH2 community forums to get your war neckbeard on.

Or you can just pre-order it and enjoy the hats now, because you know they’ll get unlocked. Besides, the side-effect of these amazing hats is what I guess will be a pretty cool RTS with a fancy-pants weather and graphics engine.

Or something. Or 4TTZQ-E4CFV-IV5Z4. Also hats! And maybe another key lololo G4DCW-DVTXF-XCCPV

You can pre-order on Origin, Steam, and ShopTHQ.


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    BobbyDigi Available: 2013

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    Thrax Company of Hats 2.


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    Koreish Well Bobby now I have to know why did you choose that beard for that model?

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