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Reverb Publishing score a worldwide Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal

Reverb Publishing score a worldwide Unreal Engine 3 licensing deal

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It seems Reverb Publishing, known for their recent multiplatform hit Dungeon Defenders, are looking to secure some more indie developer talent by becoming the first digital publisher to offer Unreal Engine 3 licensing to any and every developer willing to sign on with them.

Being able to offer access to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is a big move for a publisher which focuses strongly on indie developers, as UE3 licensing should provide a serious incentive for smaller outfits working with the Unreal Development Kit to consider to Reverb for their marketing and publicity needs. Epic too seem pleased with deal—Joe Kreiner the North American licensing manager for Epic Games notes,

“It’s important for Epic to do more than simply license our tech; we are always looking for opportunities to help indie developers successfully bring their creations to market”.

This move continues Reverb’s anything-but-conventional approach to game publishing, with their solely digital distribution system and “a business model which provides [developers] complete support for their titles, without losing ownership of their intellectual property and without the lopsided deals cut by many of the traditional publishers”, serving to mark them out as a company that has adapted to the times.

In an age where all you need is internet access and an entrepreneurial spirit to get your pet project to the masses, it’s good to see a publisher recognise that they are no longer an indispensable part of the gaming landscape and need to provide tangible benefits to their customers to justify their continued existence.


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