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San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items make TF2 collectors something something

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items make TF2 collectors something something

Team Fortress 2 Sandvich Toy from ThreeA

The Team Fortress 2 Sandvich Toy from ThreeA

Go Crazy?

Don’t mind if I do! Toy developer and manufacturer ThreeA had some items at San Diego Comic Con this year that Team Fortress 2 and Portal enthusiasts and collectors alike should be very interested in—a real life Sandvich toy based on The Heavy’s in-game healing weapon, The Sandvich, and a Companion Square Box toy based off of Portal’s loveable Companion Cube. Each of these items, when pre-ordered and then picked up at San Diego Comic Con 2012, come with a code for redemption on Steam. When the codes are activated, the players are granted “What’s in the Sandvich Box?” or “What’s in the Companion Square Box?” respectively in TF2. Each of the toys has at least one listing on eBay asking $125+ each for them. None of the current listings mention whether or not the in-game codes are included.

So what’s in the boxes?

What is in the box?Great question. No one knows yet. There is a trader on a popular trade site claiming that he spoke with a Valve representative who stated that Valve themselves did not even know what was in the in game boxes yet, though I highly doubt that myself. The boxes that have popped up on the trading scene have asking prices of in-game items worth$50-$100 and claim that offers have been made in that range. The items are only a couple of days old though so what will come out of them and their long term value is yet to be seen.


Call it mad or just plain green with envy, but collectors that did not have the opportunity to go to Comic-Con this year will either have to Deal With It™ or pay an arm and a leg if they want to get their hands on these exclusive collectables or their in-game bonuses. That is the game if you wish to play it. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time. This time, it was San Diego Comic Con’s ThreeA booth.


  1. Sunshine At least 3 of the Valve folks signing at the 3A booth on Saturday did actually claim they had no idea what the codes were for or what they did. Whether or not that's actually true or they were just feeding the mystery, I have no idea.
  2. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi I finally tracked down a source for the original ThreeA catalog listing including the retail prices for the collectables. Sandvich sold for $50 and the Weighted Companion Square sold for $40.

  3. oni_dels
    oni_dels I. VANT. SANDVICH!
  4. Bandrik
    Bandrik At first I was jelly. Then I realized that I have the power of KITCHEN.

    I can have my sandvich. AND eat it, too.
  5. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ ermagerd the Sandvitch is awesome. Not $50 awesome, but cool.
  6. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi the update just now unlocked the two packages and the namesake questions are rumored to have been answered:


  7. bright
    bright All of them very ugly.
  8. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi I think the robot sandvitch is freaking awesome. The ones that come out of the boxes are genuine though. It is good that a lot of people think they are ugly though as that should not allow the price to go up at all.


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