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Sony at CES 2013

Sony at CES 2013

Sony has long been known as one of the top purveyors of products in their brand categories, whether cameras, TVs, or otherwise. This year at CES they came out swinging, showcasing many ‘World’s First’s at their press conference on the showfloor.

Sony CES 2013 press conferenceAfter watching a five minute video of three engineers putting together a cell phone, camcorder and a camera, Kazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, came onto the stage and greeted the eager media with what Sony has been working on since last year. Kazuo said, “We have many exciting new products at CES, combing that magical mix of science and wonder, design and function, usefulness and elegance, technology and entertainment content to create an emotional experience that only Sony can deliver.”


Kazuo went ahead and introduced Phil Molyneux, President of Sony Electronics, and he went ahead and announced that the Xperia Z will be the new Sony flagship smartphone with a Snapdragon 54 Pro quad core 1.5ghz CPU for faster multi-tasking, full1080p HD, 5-inch screen, and a 13-megapixel camera. The Xperia Z also features the Exmor RS for mobile, the world’s first image sensor with High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. Through Sony Entertainment Network, using the Xperia Z, ZL or other compatible devices, consumers have access to more than 18 million songs and 100, 000 movies and TV shows from all the major studios. The Xperia Z is also water- and dust-resistant and runs Android Jellybean.

Xperia-Z at CES 2013Next they announced that new products like the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL will deliver the benefits of a technology found in many of Sony’s new products: One-touch function based on NFC, an easy and fast way to wirelessly access music, photo and videos from the smartphone. Devices that will have the NFC-enabled One-touch functions will include a Blu-ray home theater system, sound bar, wireless speakers, headphone, portable speakers and mobile devices. Sony is also releasing a Personal Content Station—a 1TB device that uses the One-touch function to store, view and share photos and videos from smartphones and tablets. However, when the audience was asked if we had an issue with data storage because they are scattered from one device to another, only ten people total rose their hands.


The Sony 4K series was next on the list. First, they talked about their 4K projectors for movie theaters—currently more than 13,000 4K projectors are installed at theaters worldwide. They also quickly mentioned the first professional camera to produce 4K content, the F65. Next, Sony revealed two new 4K LED TV models with 55 and 65-inch screen, the XBR-65X900A and the XBR-55X900A that will be introduced this spring. Sony also plans to have the first 4K content distribution service in the US this summer, and a dedicated 4K Media Player.

Sony 4KTV at CES 2013 Sony’s new TV SlideView app uses a second screen connectivity to provide a new interface in which consumers can interact with their view listings and manage and operate embedded apps. Consumers are also allowed to share what they are watching in real time with others. The TRILUMINOS display is Sony’s way to continue its commitment to develop newer imaging technology. “Designed to deliver truer blues, greens, and reds, this technology will be available on select new Sony 2K and 4K television models. In addition to TVs, Sony is expanding the color palette of its 2013 CyberShot, Alpha, and HandyCam lines, which will have the TRILUMINOS Display” with plans to expand it to the VAIO PCs.

Sony’s press conference showcased an impressive amount of technology, but it remains to be seen whether or not people will buy it.


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