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The Drop Reset Report: Manniversary Special

The Drop Reset Report: Manniversary Special

Howdy TF2 item enthusiasts and welcome to The Drop Reset Report: Manniversary Special. I couldn’t wait until next Thursday to share the news that was just posted on TF2 Blog; The second annual Manniversary Sale is going on now—over two hundred items in the Mann Co. Store have been discounted as much as 75%. Let’s take a look at a few of them that are destined to shake up the Mann-conomy… at least a little.

More Choices To Go Premium

During the sale, there are twenty-five items available for less than $0.50 and more than fifty items for less than $1. This gives players many options to go premium by throwing a few coins out of their Steam wallet at TF2. While it seems like a cheap way to go premium, to do so a player has to load a minimum of $5.00 into their wallet first. Valve makes five bucks for every player who goes premium in today’s Mann-conomy.

An Extraordinary Abundance Of  Color

There should be no argument that the two most sought after, and therefore the highest valued, paints in the Mann-conomy are A Distinctive Lack Of Hue (Black) and An Extraordinary Abundance Of Tinge (White). When higher end hats are traded, the value of them can be raised by upwards of a key or two by simply being painted a good paint. The mass majority of the traders consider good paint to be a team paint—such as Team Spirit, black or white. This may be because they look good, but is probably due to the fact that these are the most expensive paints. An Extraordinary Abundance Of Tinge is 50% off during the sale, putting its cost at about equivalent to its current trade value. While A Distinctive Lack Of Hue and the team paints were all left off the sale list, half of the other paints were not. Within a couple hours of the sale starting, white paint is already a top three best seller next to keys and Tour of Duty Tickets, and five of the nine top sellers are paint. Because the paint becomes tradable after a short time, a glut of players trading for profit will no doubt be evident in the weeks to come.

Deep Discount For High Rollers

Something Special for Someone Special

Someone Having Fun With Someone Special

Something Special for Someone Special—it’s the most expensive item in the game, you may have never even see one in game, and during this years Manniversary sale it is half off. Normally $99.99, the Something Special is officially a one-time use tool. When used, a player selects Someone Special from their Steam friends. When the receiving player accepts Something Special, a game-wide message is broadcast to everyone on Earth playing TF2 at the time, and each of them receives an all-class diamond ring. The rings are not tradable or giftable. They are simply an unnoticeable, very expensive cosmetic item and for the length of the Manniversary Sale, they are only $49.99. This seems to be getting players attention: as I wrote this up I received more than twenty notifications of accepted Something Specials.

Overall: Uncraftable

Other than the paint, everything else purchased during the sale will net you uncraftable versions of the items. This is normal for any Mann Co. Store purchase but that means, from a trader and collector point of view, there is still close to no room for profit here. If you just want to throw some money at Valve and get some cool items to play with or wear in-game then hop into TF2 and check out the sale.


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