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The magic behind the gathering of Magic: The Gathering

The magic behind the gathering of Magic: The Gathering

Wear-Tear cardIt is safe to assume that I like collecting stuff . And I’ve been doing so for a long time.

Ruric TharIt was a random friendship in the first year of high school, and it just so happened to be with a guy with same last name as me (well technically it’s my mom’s last name but I digress)—a guy who introduced me to the world of trading card games that really got me hooked. The game? Magic: The gathering.

I played Magic pretty much all through high school (which is five years in my neck o’ the woods) before selling all my cards for beer money. Then a couple of years ago, on a fateful holiday vacation, a few friends and I (including my old high school buddy) were slightly inebriated and someone, for some reason, stood up and said “Hey dudes, we should totally play magic again!”

And we did. The next paycheck was spent on cards, my old vice and friend.

My old friend

Now, amongst my friends, I am regarded as the reference for not only cards, but ruling in the game. I have acted as a judge as often as I’ve played, and when talking about a card I can usually describe the artwork by heart. I am, one could say, dedicated to the game. I love its ever-changing state, and its new expansions that come out every three months or so.

Melek Izzet Paragon cardSpeaking of which, Dragon’s Maze, the last of the Return to Ravnica Block, is due on May 3rd, and the pre-release is April 27th-28th. Although in barely less than a month, Daily MTG already started its preview.

WARNING: the following will be full of terms and jargon from the game, so people unfamiliar with MTG might be lost. At the end of this article is some valuable information though, like an apple custard recipe—maybe.

So, after Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash, the 10 guilds are back to battle through a maze. 10 guilds, 10 mechanics—but oh, a new one: FUSE.

Split Cards first made their appearance in Invasion a long time ago, and then came and went since—but now Dragon’s Maze put a twist on them: cast both sides at once. Dragon’s Maze will remove the random basic land in booster and put the common guildgates, helping you in draft games for multicolor decks (told you this would be full of game jargon).

What I really love is the presence of long awaited Ral Zarek, Planeswalker of Izzet,  first previewed in Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012‘s DLC.

Oh, also: for the “story” (for those who actually follow it), Each of the 10 guilds now has a Hero that will travel the Maze to become King/Queen of the City of Guilds—a legendary creature for 6 converted mana cost (4 colorless and 1 of each of the Guild’s color) at rare rarity (boy that sounds weird out loud).

Back to non-game speaking: I hope this tickles your fancy and that you will go to a local game shop for the pre-release—I know I will. You can follow my adventures with the Twitter hashtag #IcronticMTG, or simply through my personal Twitter feed.

For those of you near the cold, dreaded city of Montreal, I’ll be at Chez Geeks.

One more thing

Oh, and this.


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