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Windows 7 launch locked for October 22

Windows 7 launch locked for October 22

windows7Microsoft representatives have confirmed that the firm’s next operating system, Windows 7, will hit retail shelves on October 22.

Microsoft Senior VP Bill Veghte has confirmed that the Windows 7 development team plans to conclude development on the operating system at the end of next month in order to meet the October 22 deadline.

The Redmond, WA firm also revealed that it would be creating an assurance program that would exchange Vista licenses for free or discounted Windows 7 licenses, though Microsoft did not reveal details of the program.


  1. Winfrey
    Winfrey Sooner than I thought.
  2. GnomeWizardd
    GnomeWizardd wahoo I have a vista license I dont use!
  3. Thrax
    Thrax It may or may not be eligible. If the Windows 7 upgrade program is anything like the Vista program, only Vista licenses purchased inside of a few months prior to 7's release will be eligible. This will keep OEM boxes moving from retail instead of sales coming to a hard stop while consumers wait for PCs with the new OS.
  4. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ I want it. Windows 7 rocks.
  5. Butters
    Butters I <3 Windows 7 and 2008 R2.
  6. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster While my experience on build 7100 has been solid, I am not 100% ready to anoint Windows 7 as the second coming.

    I think Microsoft should be commended on their approach to community testing, and their general tone in admitting that Vista is a fat bloated ugly pig of an OS that needed some major tweaking. Microsoft responded with great urgency here, and we all appreciate that (though releasing a clean Vista would have said more, but whats done is done). Windows 7 has a polish that has been lacking in any prior Windows release.

    That being said, we know when its coming, and I think late Oct is aggressive enough. What I really want to know is how they are going to market? Price, distribution scheme, installation options, and then as Gnome pointed out, what are they planing to do for all the poor saps that purchased and suffered through Vista? At minimum you valid Vista key should be worth a nice discount on 7 and a personal letter of apology from Redmond.

    We shall see how it all shakes out. Lets hope the devil is not in the details.
  7. fatcat
    fatcat Windows7 Basic: Arm
    Windows7 Home: Leg
    Windows7 Pro: Kidney
    Windows7 Ultimate: Soul

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