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X-Woofer 3D Vibro Woofer Speaker

X-Woofer 3D Vibro Woofer Speaker

Supplied by X-Woofer

Occasionally a product comes across the desk that piques interest. X-Woofer is a unique product that is worn about the neck to provide a personal listening experience enhanced by a Vibro-Woofer speaker system. There were high hopes for the X-Woofer. Imagine an immersive gaming experience where a player not only hears the action but feels it too. X-Woofer is supposed to allow a person to listen to music enhanced by deep sounds without bothering others nearby.


The X-Woofer may sound good on paper but the true test is in the feel.







 X-woofer , Metoo, U-beat


 AC220V 60Hz –  DC 9V 500mA


 Sound : 1W + 1W  Vibration : 2W + 2W


 Sound : 8Ω / Vibration: 8Ω)

Sound Frequency Response

 450Hz – 20KHz

Vibration Frequency Response

 40Hz – 300Hz

Vibration Unit

 Φ 26 X 8mm

Sound Unit

 Φ 28mm


  285mm X 235mm X 14mm




  •  X-woofer: 1EA, Controller: 1EA
  • RCA Conn. cord(1.8M): 1EA
  • Y type plug: 1EA, AC/DC Adapter: 1EA
  • Hanging Hook: 1EA
  • User manual: 1EA




 G S Electronics (MADE IN KOREA )

What’s in the box


The X-Woofer is a wearable audio device that hangs around the neck. The box contains the X-Woofer Vibro-Woofer and the necessary power and connection accessories.


The X-Woofer is hardwired to an control unit.


The power and audio connection is fed to the control unit by a detachable connection. The two dials control volume and the gain of vibration (how much or how little).


The control unit lead splits to the audio lead and the power lead (power is the connection in the lower part of the following image).


The X-Woofer must be powered in order to function so it isn’t a portable experience.


The audio connection is patched in one of two ways. The 1/8 inch jack (green connector seen in a previous image) can connect directly to a sound card or 1/8 inch audio output of a portable listening device. The included patch cable can convert to left and right RCA connections for use with a stereo or gaming console.


X-Woofer includes an 1/8″ stereo Y-splitter.


There is also a self-adhesive hanger to attach “wherever” in order to hang the X-Woofer during non-use.


Lastly is the manual.


The X-Woofer has stereo speakers and two Vibro-Woofers.



There isn’t a lot of speaker power. The speakers are 1 watt each and the vibration units (seen in the following image) are 2 watts each.


The X-Woofer is simply worn about the neck and requires no software to enjoy the X-Woofer experience.




The X-Woofer provides for a unique enhancement to games but falls short for audio enjoyment. The X-Woofer does eliminate any discomfort of ear bud headphones but it’s a little like wearing a horse collar. The audio quality is nearer to AM stereo than a full, deep bass enhancement. The X-Woofer “woofer” offers more of a vibration enhancement than a bass enhancement.

Gamers may get the best of what X-Woofer offers. The X-Woofer Vibro-Woofer can surprise a player by suddenly coming to life during a tense moment and the additional sense of feel brings a new side to games. Ultimately gamers will miss the bass resonance (and volume) found in 2, 4 and 5.1 channel speaker systems. The true draw is the vibration enhancement. Of course the X-Woofer won’t keep the household awake during the late night gaming sessions like a standalone speaker system would. Gamers may enjoy a good shoot ’em up combining the X-Woofer vibration experience with traditional earphones or speakers.


The X-Woofer is not portable. It must be powered by house current. The length of cords provide distance similar to that of a game controller or just shy of 6 feet (2 meters). It can be connected to most any device with 1/8 inch or RCA stereo audio output. However the X-Woofer is more audible to others nearby compared to that of personal stereo earphones. The X-Woofer may be difficult to locate in North America. The X-Woofer site lists WalMart as a retailer for it.

The last words are that the X-Woofer would not sit high on the must have list and would be, at most, a unique luxury gift for the boss or friend (provided he or she is a geek).

Our thanks to X-Woofer for
their support of this and many other sites.



  • Enhanced gaming experience through vibration
  • Eliminates ear bud headphone discomfort


  • Not portable
  • Not totally private
  • Sub-standard sound

Scores Breakdown
Attribute Score Comments
Bonus items & software 7 All necessary cables included. Wireless may be a suggestion.
Design & layout 6 Interesting concept for what it is. Compact design but not totally form-fitting.
Documentation 6.5 Basic
Features & options 7 vibration….that’s about it besides “AM stereo” quality sound
Fine-tuning features 6.5 Can adjust volume and amount of vibration through Vibro-Woofers
Price / value 6 A moderately expensive luxury item. Not on the “must have” list.
Total score 39/60 65%


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    Thrax With a name like that, you know it has to suck.
  2. Unregistered Hi everyone!

    Does any of you guys know where this X-Woofer is actually sold? Any ideas? I've tried to find it online but wasn't very successful with my research. If you should find something I'd appreciate your reply to matrichter@hotmail.com, thanks very much in advance!


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