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Another Mini-ITX all-in-one from ECS

Another Mini-ITX all-in-one from ECS

Following on from their G11 all-in-one barebones ECS are proudly unveiling its new, 23.6″ bigger brother—the G24.

Essentially a larger, but thinner, version of the L-stand ID2 G11, the G24 is set to feature the same Intel thin Mini-ITX form factor motherboard, multimedia connectivity and touchscreen support as well as a “unique plug and play portable HDD module” which ECS have yet to release any details on.

Although potentially very interesting for HTPC builders there isn’t much more information available at the moment, we can however give you a peek at the two launch models—the monochromatic ‘Odin’ and the black with silver trim ‘Aura’.


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