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Expo Icrontic 2011 sponsors and prizes

Expo Icrontic 2011 sponsors and prizes

This is always one of my favorite things to post every year. We have so many awesome sponsors and they give us so many awesome things to give away to you guys, our beloved community.

We seem to get (more, bigger, better) every year, so let’s try to keep that trend up.

This year’s Expo Icrontic is sponsored by:



SAPPHIRE has provided three Radeon HD 6870 “flex edition” GPUs for us to give away. Read our review here. They’re also providing awesome blue lanyards for our badges as well as some other cool promo swag (everybody’s getting an AMD SAPPHIRE blue light-up yo-yo!)


Futuremark Logo

Futuremark has always been a friend to Icrontic, as purveyors of not only some of the best benchmarking software out there, but also a kick-ass competitive 3D FPS called Shattered Horizon. This year they’re providing 20 copies of 3DMark 11 Advanced as well as an EVGA Geforce GTS 450 superclocked edition GPU for one lucky winner.


TekNmotion Logo

TekNmotion is a progressive PC gaming peripheral company that we got to meet at CES in 2010. They’re providing us with a their new PulseWave 2 7.1 surround headset as well as two Yapster gaming headsets.



The Yelp swag bags were a big hit last year, as they were both roomy and functional. The Yelp swag (especially the Yelpsticks!) was appreciated as well. The good news is: They’re doing it again. Yelp will provide the swag bags for Expo Icrontic 2011! Check out their newsletter if you want to keep up with the latest reviews of restaurants and other businesses in your city.


EA Games

EA Games has been a long time supporter of Expo Icrontic, and always sends us a few awesome EA games to give away. Over the years we’ve given away games like Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, Battlefield 2, NHL 2K10, Tiger Woods, Boom Blox, and more. This year’s giveaways from EA outreach will be announced next month.


OCZ SSD hard drives, power supplies, and computer memory

OCZ Technology has been awesome to Icrontic, year after year. They know that our community treats them right; their SSDs are some of the fastest out there, and we proudly stand behind OCZ products as some of the finest out there. Even more than the quality of their hardware is the fact that we know, first hand, that their tech support is some of the best in the industry. This year, OCZ is letting us give away a 60gb Vertex 2 SSD as well as the usual complement of mousepads, shirts, and other swag.


AMD Logo

Icrontic’s relationship with AMD is… well, if this was Facebook, it would be complicated. It’s no secret that we tend a little towards the red when it comes to GPU stuff here at Icrontic, but that’s only because they’ve proven over the years to generally be the better bang for the buck. What can we say? We know a good thing when we see it. For Expo Icrontic this year, AMD is kindly sending us three Radeon HD 6950 GPUs to give away. They’re so nice, in fact, that they’re sending an official AMD Product Marketing Manager along to hand-deliver them from the frosty north. What a great bunch!


In our storied tradition of having individuals sponsor Expo Icrontic with prizes, this year we have our resident Norwegian Coast Guardsman providing a Royal Norwegian Coast Guard (Kystvakten) shield and a white training shirt that says “Norwegian Navy” as prize giveaways. This is a chance to win a rare T-shirt (at least, rare in the US!)


Shuttle Logo

Shuttle, long known as purveyors of some of the coolest small formfactor and barebones PCs out there, came through with some awesome prize packs last year and they’re doing it again for 2011. We’ll  have three Shuttle prize packs to give away, with PC games and other goodies inside.


NZXT are old friends of Icrontic, and have always been there for us to enthusiastically give away awesome prizes to our community members. This year is no different: They’re providing all kinds of swag like award-winning PC cases and other exciting peripherals.


ECS Logo

ECS is another longtime supporter of our community. They’ll be providing a bunch of awesome gear for prizes: A P67H2-A Socket 1155 motherboard, a H67H2-I Socket 1155 motherboard, and an ECS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 GPU. Get some!

C! Techs

Detroit computer repair C! Techs

Ryan Meray’s C! Techs Inc has again provided loaner equipment for attendees who are traveling—a huge convenience and peace-of-mind thing for those who don’t want to or can’t bring their monster huge equipment on a plane or in a car.

I’ll keep updating this post as we add more exciting sponsors!


  1. Tushon
    Tushon I did start using Yelp because of the swag bag ... hadn't really been on my radar until then. A success story!
  2. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi I've purchased a SAPPHIRE GPU on recommendations from Icrontians and the Yelp stick went over very well at my place indeed.

    Thank you sponsors! Showing support for Icrontic is quite the shortcut into our heads.

  3. GHoosdum
    GHoosdum I might have to register just to get the swag.
  4. Dunigan
    Dunigan I think I might have to make an appearance this year, at least for the weekend. The Navy doesnt exactly allow you time off during the week.
  5. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Dunigan, PLEASE go for the weekend!!!
  6. primesuspect
    primesuspect Updated! EA Games is coming through again for us this year. I'll announce what games as we get closer to the event.
  7. primesuspect
    primesuspect Another bump. OCZ has come through with a Vertex 2 SSD for us to give away :)
  8. primesuspect
    primesuspect And AMD added some prizes today. Bump!
  9. Ryder
    Another bump. OCZ has come through with a Vertex 2 SSD for us to give away :)
    Just the SSD? :wtf:
  10. primesuspect
    primesuspect Well, as the article stated, an SSD, mousepads, and swag.
  11. Ryder
    Ryder Heh, I didn't read the article, just your post :o
  12. primesuspect
    primesuspect But let's be honest: People are much more excited by the SSD than the mousepads :p
  13. ardichoke
    ardichoke Says you! I want mousepads!!!! SO MANY MOUSEPADS!!! I want to pile them on my bed and roll around on them.
  14. primesuspect
    primesuspect Bump for Jokke-prizes!
  15. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ But let's be honest: The OCZ Behemoth Regulator Mousepad is hotness. :P

    (Everyone in our office uses them because they're MADE OF WINNING)
  16. Tushon
    Tushon Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wish I didn't have 3 other trips this summer. Last year was fun and this is shaping up to be even better ... 3 6950s is teh hotness
  17. primesuspect
    primesuspect Bump! Shuttle is back on board this year!
  18. primesuspect
    primesuspect The OCZ stuff arrived today. I wish I could win this SSD...
  19. QCH
    The OCZ stuff arrived today. I wish I could win this SSD...
    Have your kids put in for it. :rolleyes2

  20. _k
    _k HEY, the mousepad was the item I really wanted last year......and I didn't get it:(
  21. primesuspect
    primesuspect Bump! NZXT on board again!
  22. primesuspect
  23. QCH
    QCH Am I reading this correct... High End 8 GPUs???

    (3) Radeon HD 6870 “flex edition"
    (1) EVGA Geforce GTS 450 superclocked edition
    (3) Radeon HD 6950
    (1) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480

    HOLY COW!!! Over $1700 worth of GPUs!!!
  24. _k
    _k No EVGA this year? I guess a good thing Futuremark is still with us.
  25. primesuspect
    primesuspect I have to keep telling myself that the naysayers and negative nancies are in the minority. I have to keep telling myself that.
  26. pseudonym
    _k_ wrote:
    No EVGA this year? I guess a good thing Futuremark is still with us.

    Not sure if serious?

    Hey look, a horse!!

    /me kicks horse in mouth.
  27. Tushon
    I have to keep telling myself that the naysayers and negative nancies are in the minority. I have to keep telling myself that.


    That is all.
  28. GHoosdum
    QCH wrote:
    (1) EVGA Geforce GTS 450 superclocked edition
    _k_ wrote:
    No EVGA this year?

  29. primesuspect
    primesuspect It wasn't from EVGA, it was from Futuremark
  30. _k
    _k Last year EVGA said they did not have a video card to send us for the event but I put in for sponsorship from Futuremark and part of their package was sending us an EVGA video card. Simply a funny coincidence, I like to indulge in this event because my GPU alliance has shifted off of EVGA and I really like Futuremark because of Shattered Horizon and the limited interactions I have had with their staff on the game.
  31. primesuspect
    primesuspect Bump for C! Techs!
  32. RyanMM
    RyanMM C! Tech Solutions is very happy to be sponsoring Expo Icrontic's "Loaner alley." This year, at least 3 people are getting hooked up with loaner monitors and other accessories that would've been difficult for them to transport.

    I'll also have some accessories like power cables, mice, keyboards, etc in case anyone managed to forget something.

    If anyone needs computer equipment from Expo this year, I'll have info at the cafe about how to find out if I can get you stuff at or below Microcenter prices without you having to make a trip over there.

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