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Google updates BlackBerry version of Google Maps

Google updates BlackBerry version of Google Maps

Google yesterday released a large update for Google Maps for the BlackBerry platform, bringing the application to version 4.0 and adding several new features, including search by voice, Google Buzz and personalized searches.

“We’ve been rolling out new versions of Google Maps for mobile at a fast pace lately, and the first Google Maps for BlackBerry update of 2010 is a big one. For version 4.0, we’ve added new features to help you find places faster, post from those places with Google Buzz, star them for quick access, and more,” said Ole CaveLie, Software Engineer, Google Mobile Team.

The search by voice ability has long been a feature offered to Android users, and now BlackBerry fans can have it as well by pressing the call button and speaking.

Google Buzz, meanwhile, allows BlackBerry users to post pictures, information and news to Google Buzz. It will also enable users to disclose their locations and observe what is happening in those places.

Google Maps will also been retooled to allow personalized searches; Maps will quickly prompt users to complete searches they’ve made previously to save time. Signing into Google on the BlackBerry also allows synchronization between users’ home computers and their phones, allowing them to star locations at home and access them while on the go.

Finally, the update also activates Labs, which enables access to experimental features, and nearby businesses placed on the map.

To install the Google Maps update 4.0 for BlackBerry, go to m.google.com/maps in the BlackBerry’s internet browser.


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