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Marvin’s Mittens takes us back to simpler times

Marvin’s Mittens takes us back to simpler times

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Marvin searches high and low.

Winter is yet again upon us. With stray snowflakes appearing as swiftly as holiday-themed merchandise on department store shelves, everything serves as a reminder to the timeless nostalgia of yore. Like many people who grew up in a Northern temperate climate, I have many fond memories of bundling up and going out exploring a winter wonderland. Coming back to the present, indie game Marvin’s Mittens attempts to package up this very experience and present it in time for Christmas.

Developed by Canadian-based indie game studio Breakfall, Marvin’s Mittens is a 2D platformer that focuses on non-violent exploratory gameplay. While outside and playing in the snowy landscape, young boy Marvin loses one of his mittens. Thus, he embarks on an epic journey to search high and low for his missing companion… at least, until his mother calls him back home before it gets dark out. Yes, time progresses steadily while you are out and about, with each new day offering a new chance to grow and explore.

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By day you quest, by night you rest.

I gave the early press-only build a try, and I found the experience to be simple yet delightful. The game really does remind me of simpler times, when I myself had braved the wintery air to explore the wooded areas surrounding my childhood home. As Marvin, you waddle, jump, and toboggan your way through the landscape, and eventually he gains the ability to execute a fluttery double-jump. While the game provides a serene laid-back and fun experience, I can see younger kids getting the most fun out of this title—I can easily see my niece and nephew playing this game.

With an anticipated release date of December 10th and an asking price of $5.00, Marvin’s Mittens is a good stocking-stuffer for parents looking for a fun and hazard-free gaming experience for younger audiences. Currently the game is slated to release on Desura, and it is also a candidate on Steam Greenlight. If you like what you see, be sure to vote for it!


  1. primesuspect
    primesuspect It's certainly pretty, but I don't know how much fun just exploring can be.
  2. midga
    midga ITT Brian is old.

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