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My love letter to the Logitech MX1100 laser mouse

My love letter to the Logitech MX1100 laser mouse


I love her big, sexy curves

To My Mouse,

Like most people on this forum I have a thing for PC peripherals, whether it be keyboards (like the Apple Pro aluminum keyboard I so enjoy), mice, mousepads, or even speakers. Therefore, when I saw that Logitech released you, I just had to pick you up. I got my hands on you today, and you have changed me.

Logitech has always been #1 in my book for good mice. They always manage to deliver sexiness, comfort, and performance. But you are different. You are unique. I realize your parents are the MX revolution and the older MX 1000, and they’re both great: Logitech put some serious thought into matchmaking those two and giving birth to you, for you are a beautiful masterpiece to my eyes.

People ask me about your size. Are you small? No way, but that’s the way I like it. For someone like me a normal mouse is too small. But you, baby, you’re just right. You have curves in all the right places and I could hold you for hours. I don’t care that you would be considered too big for a person who can use those tiny laptop mice for hours on end. Girl, you know me. I have big hands, and you fit just right.


Hands off, this girl's mine

I know you’re like a lot of your sisters. You have the same ultra-fast scroll wheel that can also be turned into a normal click wheel with the push of a button.  You have the standard back and forward buttons in the convenient place just above where my thumb will rest. That’s all well and good, but they ain’t got nothin’ on you. You’re perfect for me.

No matter what I feel like doing, you always manage to be the perfect companion. No matter what mood I’m in, you’ve got exactly what I need. I never thought I’d find the perfect girl for me, but now that I’ve found you, everything’s gonna be alright.


Logitech MX1100 Laser Mouse for Those With Large Hands And Who Enjoy Big Mice from $69.99.


  1. cambrose
    cambrose I love the way this is written.
  2. FelixDeSouze
    FelixDeSouze I currently havethe MX revolution and I feel the same about that mouse.. I can only imagine what this one will be like!!
  3. GnomeWizardd
    GnomeWizardd I love the way this is written too!
  4. Shorty
    Shorty Quality. Utter quality.
  5. QCH
    QCH Man... wish I had those feelings for my wife. :D

    Awesome letter...
  6. GnomeWizardd
    GnomeWizardd the feelings i have m]for my wife are not able to be written down
  7. mirage
    mirage I want to buy this mouse to replace the LX8 mouse that came with my Logitech Wave kb/mouse set. Do you guys think I could just replace the mouse using the same receiver of Logitech Wave Desktop? I don't want to plug in both receivers.
  8. Thrax
  9. mirage
    Thrax wrote:

    Yeah, I thought so too :(

    But anyway, I have been eyeing this mouse since some time. After reading the review here and posting my question, I have just found a refurbished one on ebay for the half price of Newegg and pulled the trigger :) I will post how it goes.
  10. GnomeWizardd
    GnomeWizardd plz do I hope u love it as much as I do
  11. mirage
    plz do I hope u love it as much as I do

    Well I can not tell if it is as much as you :), but I really like the mouse now that it arrived. Its ergonomics is much better than LX8, the wheel with the two scroll modes is very original and nice. I actually prefer using 2xAA batteries as in MX1100 instead of rechargeable internal batteries. There is one less clutter on my desk, the charging station. And I already use NiMH batteries anyway. When needed in every 1-2 months, swapping the batteries with charged ones is easy for me. Although the forward and backward buttons are placed at better positions than LX8, they are still not as good as the MS Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth I use with another computer. Oh and the thumb button, I am thinking about a better use for it.

    By the way, the receiver of Cordless Desktop Wave desktop did not connect with the MX1100. Yet another USB receiver behind the computer for me.:rolleyes: I wish every wireless peripheral would have been Bluetooth.
  12. mirage
    mirage Hey! I found a silly (i.e. fun) game to play with this mouse, Spin the Wheel !!! Open a long webpage (such as this thread) in Firefox and spin the wheel while trying to come as close as possible to the bottom without hitting the end. Wheeee :D Another good way to drain the batteries of a laptop ;)

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