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New Releases for The Week of Muzzleloaders and MoonSaults

New Releases for The Week of Muzzleloaders and MoonSaults

Dead Meets Lead

In Dead Meets Lead, players take on the role of The Captain, a mysterious figure who has been chosen by the Church to fight off a terrible infection spreading throughout colonial America. This zombie-slaying dungeon crawl features lots of weapons and monster types, eleven different jungle island levels to fight across, and a ‘rage’ system, which allows the player to charge up with kills to perform special moves. If you’ve been itching to fight zombies in a powdered wig, now is your chance.

Thor: God of Thunder

Thor: God of Thunder is a tie-in with this week’s release of the Thor film from Marvel Studio. The game does not, however, follow the plot of the film. This is an over-the-shoulder 3rd person action game, in which the player visits (and kicks asses across) the major realms of the Norse mythology. Thor has some pretty big battles to fight against some pretty bad-ass lookin’ dudes. Thor will level-up as the game progresses, giving the player access to increasingly more epic powers for the son of Odin, and his magic Uru hammer.

Moon Diver

The Icrontic spoylight this week is refracted in the thousand shattered panes of Moon Diver. This side-scrolling action/fighter with RPG elements—one of my favorite genres—covers the story of the Moon Diver ninjas, an elite team sent to destroy the wielder of the Necromachina. Several decades earlier, a young man named Faust arose who could wield great and dangerous power—he could imbue any object with life. These animated machines, buildings, even entire cites turned against their human creators with a terrible bloodlust, and the world is on the brink of destruction. The Moon Diver team has been training their whole lives for the opportunity to take the world back from Faust, and now is their chance. The game features co-operative play with up to four players (something this world can never have too much of), and easy, powerful combo moves that the characters can learn as they advance in level. It also offers ways for players to improve their equipment. If the players get coordinated, they can launch multi-player attack moves called MoonSaults. If you have at least one friend you can’t skip this one. Also: SquareEnix.

Following is a full list of this week’s announced North American releases:


  • Always Remember Me
  • Avadon: The Black Fortress
  • Dead Meets Lead
  • Fate: The Cursed King
  • New Boyz: The WORLD
  • Section 8: Prejudice


  • Attack of the Movies 3D
  • Bingo Party Deluxe
  • Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska
  • Rival Turf!
  • Thor: God of Thunder


  • Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 – From the Abyss
  • Ikibago
  • Picture Perfect Pocket Stylist
  • Thor: God of Thunder

Xbox 360

  • Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Escalation
  • Moon Diver
  • Thor: God of Thunder


  • Back to the Future: The Game – Episode III: Citizen Brown
  • MotorStorm: Apocalypse
  • Thor: God of Thunder
  • Under Siege


  • Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar!


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