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Nexon’s iNitiative contest attracts over 100 unique game ideas

Nexon’s iNitiative contest attracts over 100 unique game ideas

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Nexon America, creator of several online games such as Dungeon Fighter, recently held a contest known as the Nexon iNitiative. Submissions were closed on April 30, with the prize being up to $1 million in funding to support the development of the best game idea proposals. The contest resulted in over one hundred unique game ideas to be presented to Nexon.

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Nexon created the Nexon iNitiative in order to look for the best of the best ideas from game designers from around the world, focusing on PC-based games with broad appeal and encourage social interaction. The best that are chosen will receive a piece of the $1 million pie as funding, co-developed with Nexon themselves, and published through Nexon’s global distribution network which services over 71 countries.

In all, Nexon received 115 submissions from 26 countries, and covered all six populated continents. “The Nexon iNitiative has been a smashing success,” said Won Il Sue, Nexon America’s vice president of business development. “We have been presented with amazing ideas from some unbelievable talent. This stage of the Nexon iNitiative has provided Nexon with a treasure trove of inspiration which could take us into areas of gaming we would not have previously pursued.”

Looking to the future, Nexon will announce the winning concepts and their respective game developers in June.


  1. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ I hope helium pirates win.
  2. shane I think there should be more desert thunder maps.. many more....

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