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The Walking Dead social game announced

The Walking Dead social game announced

AMC and Eyes Wide Games have announced, via Facebook page, a partnership in the development of a game imaginatively titled AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game. The game, which has very Sims Online style graphics will place players into periodic turn-based tactics battles against the Walkers from AMC’s serialized zombie story, The Walking Dead, which is in turn based on the graphic novels of the same name.

Players’ characters are customizable visually, and can learn new skills and gain new weapons as the fight continues though defensive combat—to protect the player’s home—and mission based, plot-driven quests which advance your character’s story-line. Players will not be able to directly interact with one another or play cooperatively, but players will be able to take missions to defend their friends’ homes and can earn bonuses for helping out others, including strangers.

The gimmick that will encourage cooperation among players is that the game continues in real time whether the player is online or not—so zombies may attack when you’re not around, and you will rely on friends and strangers to help defend your property while you’re away. In addition, if friends die defending your property, they will add their likeness to the zombies that you must defeat later.

The game will be free to play. What kind of monetization of the game, if any, will be done has not yet been announced, but I would guess that players will be able to purchase cosmetic upgrades for their character, at least

We also have these screenshots to show you:

If you’re not familiar with it, The Walking Dead covers the exploits of a small group of survivors trapped, by zombies, on a farm in Atlanta—including Rick Grimes, the series protagonist who becomes the de facto leader of the small tribe. Each book covers their attempts to find a better place to live, with a few of their already meager number dropping off with each attempt. The television show has left the group on the farm for a couple seasons, with fans wondering when the group will finally move on. Despite some criticism from fans of the novels (the show is melodramatic and too slow), the show is perpetually breaking viewership records for AMC.

AMC is also working with Telltale on an adventure game tie-in for their television show, which will be a richer, more robust single-player experience.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game will be available later this spring.


  1. TheAlertHusky
  2. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster The Walking Dead season two finale was 100% bad-ass. Loved it! It is an aspiration of mine to be a walk on as one of the undead, I'm perfect for it!
  3. =FPS= De Sniper They make a lot of dumb mistakes in the show but its still pretty cool,.... love me a good zombie story

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