WTB durable micro USB cables of significant length, please advise

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I would like a few 6ft+ micro USB cables to use for charging devices and data transfer.

From experience of my current cables I have noticed two things:

A: Some cables with "Charge rapidly" and some "Charge slowly" (as per my OnePlus One)

B: Some cables can be used for data transfer, some will only charge.

C: Quality. I have always used the cables that came with my devises and have never had issues. My ladies on the other hand end up with cheap cables that they buy at Wal-Mart or a gas station and they end up broken or stop working. I am open to the option that this is a user issue also.

Again, these are based on my limited cable experience so please correct me if I am thinking about this wrong.

I am looking for recommendations on where to buy some cables that can be used for both Data Transfer and "rapid" Charging and I would like them of significant length (6ft+) and good quality.

Thanks for any input,



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