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Alright folks, you've heard the call, and you know the drill.

This thread is for the smack-takler Skywalkers. The trash talkin' go-getters. The smug and the bold. The confirmed attendees that won't just let their non-confirmed compatriots sit back and miss the best Icrontic event of the year.

This thread is to call those people out and make them STEP UP!

I'm gonna kick it off with an easy one:

@Canti Do you even exist anymore, bro? The last time you went to Detroit, the Sullivan house had only stood for 2 years and people still traveled by horseback. There's an Overwatch tournament happening, and last I checked you knew a thing or two about making waifu picks in high tier competitive play. We're gonna have an effing beer tap installed in the house in time for the event this year. You have a dog. You might also be a dog. R. Lee Ermey would be so, so disappointed in you. Get your ass to Expo.

This ain't smack talk. This is REAL TALK!



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