Hark! Icrontic's first Board of Trustees

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As part of ongoing preparations for the Helium Wars, we've taken steps to ensure the continuity of our command structure. Please stand by for—

ahem. What I meant to say—

We've been working on a transition plan for moving the community from a private-ownership structure to a board-led structure. It's not about making big changes to the community, it's about creating a more predictable power structure & accountability that doesn't rest on one person's shoulders. We were all set to nominate our Board when I realized we had a chicken-and-egg problem. If we're trying to move to a less owner-centric model, isn't a bit weird to hand-pick the entire board without more input? On the other hand, we haven't even defined "membership" yet, and auditable elections would be an administrative nightmare on top of that.

Our solution? Form a minimum "first" Board to select the rest of the Board.

I am pleased to announce that as of last night (20 Mar 2024) around 8PM ET that Icrontic is no longer a privately-owned endeavor and, in fact, has a Board of Trustees. The inaugural members are myself (Lincoln Russell), @primesuspect (Brian Ambrozy), and @Sazbean (Sarah Worsham). We'll be choosing at least 2 additional Board members to be officially seated at the start of the annual term (per the bylaws), 1 August.

We met at La Palma in Detroit and signed the official paperwork. A bonus unimpressed @Pink is also included.

To do this bit of legal gymnastics, we added an Article 8 to the charter, establishing how we made the transition.

As there's still no legal club entity this is all symbolic, but I think it's an important one. Icrontic no longer has co-owners, it has a Board of Trustees. May it provide another 25 years of fun and shenanigans. Cheers!



  • IvanIvan

    thinks this is an uplifting topic for discussion.


    thinks this is an uplifting topic for discussion.

  • KwitkoKwitko Sheriff of Banning (Retired) By the thing near the stuff Icrontian

    That's all fine and dandy, but are you going to force the Hallocks to move to Michigan?

  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian

    Ohio is close enough, we can compromise

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