Announcing the full Board of Trustees for 2024

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We had a truly outstanding group of folks nominated to be on the Icrontic Board of Trustees. Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves and others!

The initial board (Sarah, Brian, and myself) sat down to consider them all on Sunday, 5 May and talked about how we hope to see things organized. After a thorough discussion of all the candidates, we realized we could move forward much quicker than planned.

We want the Board to strictly be an oversight body. They set the guardrails on governance, interpret the Charter, and provide a backstop for accountability. And… that’s about it. We don’t want the Board to get directly involved in things like organizing events, moderating Discord, or managing where we keep files & photos.

These areas and many others are (or will soon be) places for leadership in our community. We hope EVERY single person nominated volunteers for prominent roles in the committees that will soon be forming, because we need their support.

As an oversight body, everyone has to live with the results if the Board decides something. Who would everyone trust to make sober, considered but also emotionally intelligent choices when it really mattered? Empathy & curiosity were at the top of our list for priorities.

After thoroughly reviewing all the candidates, we had enthusiastically unanimous agreement on exactly two. We also decided it was best to start conservatively with a 5-person Board, leaving open the possibility of a bigger Board in the future if it’s warranted. Therefore, we chose to SKIP the planned interview process and move forward immediately with those two appointments.

We’re excited and pleased to announce that Emily McRae (@Massalinie) and Rob Updegrove (@GHoosdum) will be rounding out the first full term for the Icrontic Board of Trustees.

Please join us in congratulating our new trustees!



  • LincLinc Owner Detroit Icrontian

    On a personal level, I want to apologize for an omission in the rejection letters: There was no mention we were skipping the interview phase, which gave the impression folks had not been finalists. Every person who self-nominated was someone we wanted to interview if we moved forward with them, and I regret we gave any other impression.

  • StrikesStrikes Lincoln, NE Icrontian

    My thanks to the initial Board for their efforts and to Massey and Rob for stepping up into a very real, necessary, and all too often difficult role for our community! <3<3<3

  • SazbeanSazbean Madam President has a nice ring to it Chelsea, MI Icrontian

    I want to echo Linc's apology. It was not our intention to make any nominee feel bad about not advancing to interviews. We should have clarified that in our letters and done a bit better with timing of letters and announcements. We truly value everyone who gives so much to this community and hope you continue your leadership in our upcoming committees. Thank you so much.

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Does this mean we will have a "ROB ROB ROB" as the official opening for all meetings going forward?

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