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Losing my touch, I'm late on the DB thread. I am trash man.

It started today. I'm late. I wish I had a good excuse but I don't. 7:30AM this morning I was at my PC waiting for it to start and I didn't make a thread because I am a bad. ANYWAYS.

You know the drill by now. Desert Bus for Hope 13 is underway and those psychopaths have already raised $117,000 on the first day. If you're new here, Desert Bust for hope is a live streamed charity where a Canadian comedy group plays the worst game ever made for like a week straight and do the dumbest stuff to earn your money. Its a virtual fishbowl and you can make em dance with money. Want to make them say that I am small time? Easy peasy:

If you live under a rock or something, this is Desert Bus:

This ain't hard. Watch em. Donate money. Win auctions or don't, I'm not your dad. Get lucky, lose money, basically Vegas with a terrible video game. But the real prizes are the friends we made along the way. Only you don't remember the friends because yall probably blunk out on booze while watching the stream.

Want to win a thing?  Check out the list here:

Want to donate just because?  Do the deed here:

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