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Crytek demos Crysis 2 on CryEngine 3 at GDC

Crytek demos Crysis 2 on CryEngine 3 at GDC

Crytek is flexing its muscles at GDC by doing what it does best: showcasing the latest technologies and progress for the next version of CryEngine. More new footage from the CryEngine 3-based Crysis 2 was revealed this week in the demonstration.

The company reassured an anxious crowd in San Francisco on Thursday that they are still at the bleeding edge when it comes to real time computer graphics.

The video details many of the new technologies that are being implemented in Crysis 2, most of which are featured on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version of the game. Amongst the features we’ve come to expect from CryEngine, like its signature real-time dynamic lighting and advanced shader techniques, the video shows off plenty of new technology. Notable additions include color grading, blend shading and a much more robust procedural system for object destruction.

To ease concerns that CryEngine 3 is going to be watered down to console standards, the video also showcases PC-specific tech such as facial animation and subsurface scattering techniques that look significantly better than they did with Crysis. Also specific to the PC is deferred lighting, which is a rendering technique that calculates lighting per pixel and renders the information down to the texture, which is stored in a buffer. In short, deferred lighting is able to handle a large amount of lights without crushing GPU performance.

We also get to see more of the war-torn cityscape environment that has been so prevalent in other CryEngine 3 videos. Whereas Crysis’ gameplay focused on semi-futuristic guerrilla warfare set on a tropical paradise, Crysis 2 looks to be a CQB affair.

Finally, the video demonstrates a dynamic cover system, which lends credence to the urban combat model. Battles look tight and intense with an impressive amount of destruction in tow.


  1. Cliff_Forster
    Cliff_Forster Remember the first time you saw the G-Man's facial animations in Half Life 2 and you went "HOLY SHIT!"

  2. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm The facial animation was pretty solid, and color mapping through different exterior light levels was a nice touch. Everything else... either I didn't see it because of the non-native nature (recording of a recording, etc), or I was generally saddened by it (bouncy, unrealistic physics).

    Still, keep it going, Crytek.
  3. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx The first time Gman spoke in the first video they released, I crapped bricks. I STILL think Source has some of the best lip syncing out there, but the faces fail to capture some more intense expression, like Yelling.

    Crytek's facial animation is collectively incredible, and even that little bit in the video made me drool.

    Snark, I'd agree with you, but I really want to see an HD feed of the videos. The thing about a lot of these techniques is that they impress via the details, which are lost in a video like this.

    Though I really did like the 'hit reactions' bit. Reminds me of Euphoria, which was in GTA IV. I'm excited to see how Crysis does with that tech.

    And yes, color correction looked positively beautiful.
  4. DT UPSLynx, that is what the hit reactions made me think of as well. I love Euphoria and it will be cool to see another engine that can match, or even come close to, it.

    I will have lots of fun with the CryEngine 3 sandbox editor. The editor is the only reason why I still play Crysis and I've been having all sorts of mod ideas that involve cities (which aren't supported all that well in CE2).

    Can't wait.
  5. water9 Of course it's good. I wrote the engine and did most of the artwork. Then that guy at Crysis stole it off my servers and is acting like it's his!!!!
  6. Snarkasm
  7. UPSLynx
  8. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx If you delivered proof, it would be so epic.
  9. ardichoke
    ardichoke Pics or it didn't happen.
  10. coldalarm
    coldalarm Wait... Wait...
    Crytek learned to code? Still not perfect (such as that rock hitting the car and then the car bouncing back up. Surely it should have gone a bit flatter? :P), but possibly better.
    We'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

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