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DUST 514 Open Beta Trailer

DUST 514 Open Beta Trailer

DUST 514 announcement and trailer

Still playing EVE Online? Still roaming around mining minerals for your next frigate? I bet you always wanted to explore your favorite planet, and soon you can with CCP’s own PlayStation 3 exclusive MMOFPS: DUST 514.

DUST 514 co-exists with the universe of EVE Online—players are able to communicate with each other on the two separate platforms.

CCP have released their Open Beta Trailer for everyone to enjoy. Without further ado:

CCP has always haunted my dreams about coming back to EVE Online. Now, they have a good reason for me to return. I cannot wait to order a orbital strike on some poor soul. For the Caldari!

PS: Icrontic has a dedicated EVE Online discussion forum and a forum badge for playing EVE with other Icrontians.


  1. Theironhand
    Theironhand I think this Dust 514 is going to be a great game! Totally makes me want to play EVE more often.
  2. ardichoke
    ardichoke I've been playing DUST since just after Christmas. It's lots of fun, and I don't normally like console shooters. I really look forward to the EVE interaction.
  3. lmorchard
    lmorchard I was kinda hoping this would end up being a PC title, but meh.
  4. ardichoke
    ardichoke Why were you hoping that? They were quite clear all the way back at E3 2011 that it would be a PlayStation 3/Vita exclusive title.
  5. Spiderbait The stupidity of the playstation store being unavailable in Iceland and that being the only place where you can play an Icelandic title baffles me.
  6. Chooch
    Chooch Wait you can't DL it over there??
  7. ardichoke
    Wait you can't DL it over there??
    It would seem that way. Only way to get DUST is through the PSN store. PSN store isn't available in Iceland (and some other countries). Hence, he can't download the game. Of course, according to 2 minutes of Googling has turned up, it's not exactly difficult to bypass that by setting up a US PSN account even if you don't live in the US.
  8. Hasham Abbas CCP are now doing a friend referral program where those that sign up for Dust via a link get a free Recruit Assault Rifle and Skill Booster

  9. Dare
    Dare LMAO The massive supercap engagement last night between GOON and PL, in Galfed space totally crushed the node, and broke Dust servers for a while. I had some corpies out there in noobships whoring on the Supercap killmails.

    To those playing dust going "WTFJUSTHAPPENED?"

    All I can say is, "Welcome to EVE!"

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