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First taste of Cyberpunk 2077

First taste of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Polish outfit  CD Projekt RED have just unveiled the first teaser for their shiny new RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

Driven ‘psycho’ by a chronic overuse of body enhancements, this teaser shows the results of one heavily modified woman’s rampage against the ‘meatbags’.  HK-47 would be proud.

Cyberpunk 2077 aims to bring gamers a mature new RPG experience as they rise from the gutters of the decadent and dystopian ‘Night City’ dodging gangs, megacorps and police along the way. Sadly there’s not so much as a frame of game footage to be seen in this teaser, but should its quality and tone translate across into the finished product then it will certainly be worth waiting for.

Check out the press release blurb and trailer below:

The teaser shows how the Psycho Squad might acquire a new member. The Psycho Squad specializes in combating “psychos” – individuals who overuse implants and substances that boost or otherwise alter the human body. There comes a point when they overdose on these innovations, and their bodies start to rebel against their biological body parts as well as against all things organic around them. Simply put, they start killing people, who they now derisively call “meatbags.”

When a psycho goes on the rampage, strange things can happen. There’s going to be a lot of carnage, so the psycho might be taken down by regular police, but they’re not always able to get the job done. When things spin out of control, they call in MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division), popularly called the “Psycho Squad”. And these guys are exceptional, these guys are crack troops. The fact that they’re proud of that name tells you a bit about their mindset. They wear a badge with their official emblem on their right sleeve, but their left is reserved for their unofficial Psycho Squad emblem. It’s primitively made and the image itself is on the crude side of things. It’s not unlike a badge special force operators might make and wear to distinguish themselves from the ranks of grunts in any theatre of war.



  1. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas So they're turning the Cyberpunk P&P RPG into a videogame? I cannot bloody wait.

    Going to play so much Solo!
  2. Theironhand
    Theironhand Whoa.....that is one badass trailer. Gave me goosebumps and I still cannot stop watching it.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing more from this game.
  3. Basil
    Basil Hidden message at 2:14.
    Reads as follows:
    Do you like our latest creation? We certainly hope so :) You may remember that we sometimes send you guys secret messages like this. It's a great way for us to speak right to you instead of burying ourselves in corporate mumbo-jumbo so let's begin!

    First of all - have you noticed all the details in our teaser (yes, it's a teaser. We'll make a proper trailer in the future)? If you know the Cyberpunk setting there are some things you can spot, like implants - look for the weapon hands and the real skin - corporate emblems that should look familiar and more. Happy hunting!

    You're probably curious about the release date. It's currently scheduled a way off in 2015 but in truth the delivery date is more like "when it's done". We will release Cyberpunk to you when we're convinced it is nothing but pure, refined, unadulterated awesome. We want it to be the most kick ass futuristic RPG ever - OK, maybe this sounds pretty bully, but it is our actual goal! You judge if we deliver it!

    Oh - and you may wonder why we announced our game so early before the release. The reason is that we're still building our dev team so if you are a talented dude or dudette willing to work in a really different company (gamers rule & boring corporate stuff drools!) on a super ambitious project, send us your application right now! careers@cdprojektred.com

    So you want to know what kind of game Cyberpunk 2077 will be? The short description is that it will be a story-heavy, nonlinear, open world RPG based on the well known Cyberpunk pen&paper system and setting. Building open world games is something we are mastering right now and we believe that properly joining nonlinear gameplay with an excellent story telling will bring a totally new quality. Mmm... We'll tell some more about it soon!

    And that's not all that's new. We are about the reveal our other project which is much closer to being completed and yes, it will also be a fully open-world game with an intense story. You can probably guess the game we're talking about :-) On the 5th of February it will all be clear.

    So stay tuned as we will have quite a lot to show and tell you soon!

    We are waiting for you on our newly created forum called Afterlife - what other name could we have chosen for it?

    CD Projekt RED Team
  4. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas Open World.


    Cyberpunk 2020.

    Skills and Classes kept true.

  5. NullenVoyd
    NullenVoyd This vid was much better than a zombie girl child falling out of a hotel window slow motion and in reverse!

    But seriously, this gets all my everything.
  6. fatcat
  7. lmorchard
    lmorchard Oh holy hell, I played the crap out of Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020 in high school and early college.

    I once ran a campaign that resulted in the players demolishing a shopping mall from the inside because the local cybershop had been sticking virus-infected gear in mall-goers and everyone went nuts.
  8. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas I absolutely adore Cyberpunk 2020 would love to play a game again like back when I was a member at TTW. Only issue is I'm a terrible GM so I wouldn't be able to run one.
  9. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Want. Will buy. Do need play.

    But 2015? uugggghhhhhhhh
  10. fatcat
    Want. Will buy. Do need play.

    But 2015? uugggghhhhhhhh
    that's sooner than HL3....

  11. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx It's funny because it's true :(
  12. pseudonym
    pseudonym Yesss...

    And more Witcher...


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