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Humble Bundle 7 gets back to its Indie roots

Humble Bundle 7 gets back to its Indie roots

Humble Indie Bundle 7

Fresh from the successful THQ Bundle, the folks over at humblebundle.com have put together another package of fantastic games—but this time in a more traditional DRM-free/cross platform format.

Opening the 7th Humble Indie Bundle is the puzzle-platformer Closure. This straightforward, run-to-the-exit platformer stands out from the crowd thanks to a nifty mechanic which causes terrain not under a light source to be rendered incorporeal as well as invisible. Next up is Klei Entertainment’s Shank 2. Blending brutal 2D combat with a beautiful comic book visual style—Shank 2 is tons of fun and even comes with a co-op survival mode to play with a friend. Snapshot is another side-scrolling, puzzle-platformer but rather than use light to control the environment, its robotic protagonist ‘PIC’ possesses a camera capable of capturing and releasing objects in the world around him. Last in the base bundle is The Binding of Isaac and its DLC Wrath of the Lamb. A bizarre take on the roguelike/dungeon crawler format, The Binding of Isaac sees the player direct a naked child in his attempts to flee his psychotic mother through a series of monster-infested basements.

Also included in the base bundle are the game soundtracks and Indie Game: The Movie! a feature-length documentary film following the trials and tribulations of several indie developers as they toil over their creations. As usual, a little generosity unlocks some extra gaming goodness with both the dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock and tower defence/RPG hybrid Dungeon Defenders included in any purchase above the average. Customers may also notice the return of DRM-free Mac/Linux clients which had been absent in the recent THQ bundle to the irrational anger of some.

All in all, it’s another solid bundle of games from the Humble Bundle crew—so what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a stocking full of quality entertainment and drop a few bucks into a charities coffers doing it.


  1. trooster89
    trooster89 Such an amazing deal. I'm definitely enjoying all the DD DLC.
  2. Papapain
    Papapain Adding Legend of Grimlock to the collection, if only for the nostalgia of eye of the beholder. A part of me wishes that WarZ would have been in there for the explosive drama, but maybe they ended up shooting them self in the foot enough.
  3. midga
    midga Well, there's another bundle I'll be passing on. Great games, though. Be aware, Legend of Grimrock is NOT turn-based. Also, I recommend Joy2Key and a controller for Binding of Isaac. It feels much more natural.
  4. pragtastic
    pragtastic Purchased, hell yeah, DD DLC alone makes this one worth it.
  5. primesuspect
    primesuspect They just added five more games to the bundle.
  6. Thrax
    Thrax Time to go in. First humble bumble purchase!

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