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Dungeon Defenders creates a whole new genre of multiplayer gaming

Dungeon Defenders creates a whole new genre of multiplayer gaming

Dungeon Defenders has a lot of hyphens. It could be considered a multi-player, co-operative, first-person, role-playing tower defense game. That’s a bit of a genre-stretcher, to be sure. Developer Trendy Entertainment names it thusly:

Dungeon Defenders is the first competitive four-player co-op, tower defense/action-RPG hybrid for XBLA, PSN and PC that delivers the visceral combat of action RPGs and the strategic element of tower defense games

Yeah, so as you can see, it’s not exactly easy to pin down. Start with the hack ‘n slash and basic action mechanics of Diablo. Toss a handful of Magicka’s irreverent humor. Then, throw in the first-person tower defense nature of Sanctum, add a dash of four-player co-op a la Gauntlet, and the graphics and RPG nature of Torchlight, and you begin to get a picture of what we’re talking about here. Oh, you can also add in just a smidge of World of Warcraft and maybe League of Legends. Just a smidge.

Dungeon Defenders characters

The four base classes of Dungeon Defenders. Note the knight has no pants.

You have an initial choice of four character classes: Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk. The Apprentice is a wizard who has a particular affinity for strong offensive towers but is nearly useless in melee. The Squire is a tank/melee fighter who builds spiked walls and other fortifications to control the flow of enemies and slow them down. The Huntress is a ranged attacked who builds traps and snares, and the Monk is a buff/debuff class with decent melee and ranged attacks; his “auras” (instead of towers) aren’t extremely strong offensively, but he can heal allies and slow enemies as well. There are two locked classes as well: Barbarian and Series EV.

Dungeon Defenders starts you off in a tavern—this is the hub of the game world. In the tavern you can take care of your business. You can shop, upgrade your character, sell unused gear, buy pets, check previous mission stats, and generally manage all the myriad aspects of the game without having to worry about staying alive. And when I say myriad aspects, I mean it. This game is complex, and rolls deep in stats. Not only do you have to manage your character’s upgrade tree, but also your towers’. You also have effects on all your stats from your weapons and armor.  Check out the upgrade tree:

Dungeon Defenders upgrade tree

The upgrade path for your character and towers

As you can see, you can upgrade your hero’s four attributes, abilities, and tower attributes. The tower attributes are across the board; you can’t focus on a single type of tower to upgrade (although you can upgrade individual towers while in combat). This brings out anxiety when it comes time to level up and you only have precious few points to spend; do I focus on character development or do I want strong towers?

I suppose a case could be made for either, because in this game you can attack enemies head-on with magic or weapons, or let your towers do some (or all) of the killing for you. Unlike Sanctum, where your guns had only limited utility, your character can wreak quite a bit of havok by getting down into the shit, as it were. When my little monk Puraimu jumps into the fray with his glaive, watch out. The enemies fall before him like so many sheaves of wheat before the scythe.

Dungeon Defenders apprentice

The Apprentice blasts enemies with powerful magic

That’s not to say that the towers are useless. Quite the opposite—victory often depends on clever use and balance of both disciplines. After all, there are only one (or two, or three, or four) of you, and dozens upon dozens of creeps. Some towers control the flow of enemies (blocking them, slowing them down, etc.) while others damage them. You can even build support towers (such as a tower that heals characters that stand within its radius). The strategic possibilities are quite intoxicating, and leave for a great deal of variability in play.

The idea that the monsters are mindless creeps is blown away in this game. They have AI in that they will decide what is the bigger threat and veer off their march to deal with it. A giant ogre starts stomping relentless through your defenses, but if you’re standing off to the side blasting him with annoying bolts of magic, he may turn and glare at you, deciding to smash your face in and go back  to deal with the towers later. You aren’t helpless, though… You can also knock the enemies off their pre-determined paths to really set them back—in one case I was able to knock a large monster off of a ledge, all the way back to the beginning of the path just by closing in tightly with my weapon and forcing him off the edge. The combat is really quite refreshing and not entirely on-rails.

That means you have to be very good with your tower placements; the enemies aren’t dummies. They’ll just walk around them if they can. In addition, you have may have certain situations that require certain types of towers; only through bitter and humiliating defeat will you learn that not every tower is ideal all the time.

Dungeon Defenders huntress

The Huntress lays proximity mines and rains arrows and bullets down on the enemy

Forever alone

Playing through the single player campaign is not as straightforward as one would think. There are a few things that are utterly un-intuitive but very helpful to know for beginners, such as realizing that this is an RPG and, like the classic RPG trope—if you can’t beat a level, grind and level up your character before you try again.

It’s easy to fall into the idea that this is “just a tower defense game” and the mindset that if you lose a round, you just need better tower placement. While tower strategy can make a huge difference, the strength of your heroes and towers definitely factors into it as well. It’s also easy to forget that you don’t need to plow through the game with a single hero. Rather, hero swapping mid-round is encouraged, and could enable you to finally break through a wave that keeps wiping you out. Perhaps your Huntress has strong towers, but you prefer your Monk’s strong ranged attack on a particular wave. No problem. Build traps with your Huntress then swap to your Monk to start the attack. The Huntresses’ traps will still be there (and your Monk can repair them as well). When you realize you can do this, it makes the game a lot easier.

Dungeon Defenders build towers

At least building towers is intuitive

Let’s talk about the bad item management system for a moment. When you see an item you can “lock” it. This means it binds to your character and cannot be sold or traded unless you unlock it. This is ostensibly to prevent ill-intentioned friends from grabbing your loot from you if you accidentally drop it, or accidentally selling an important item in the store. I guess. It’s very confusing at first, and the item and store interfaces take some getting used to. When you hover over an item, you get an at-a-glance icon (red thumbs down if it’s worse than what you have, green thumbs up if it’s better) to be able to make quick decisions in the field about upgrading your item. If you happen across a better pair of boots in the field, this can help quickly determine whether or not it’s worth wearing them even while enemies surround you. However, the action is frenetic enough that most of the time it’s easier just to grab everything and sort it out later when things calm down (in between waves). Besides, the game often bases “thumbs up, thumbs down” on primary stats, which is not always the most strategically sound decision. Maybe the crossbow does less penetrating damage per bolt than what you have now, but the next wave is very vulnerable to shock damage, and it does +22 shock damage per bolt. That kind of thing.

The shop (in the Tavern) is confusing at first. There will be things you can’t afford at the beginning of the game, but as you level up and get money and come back to the shop, the prices increase. It makes no sense. Therefore, you have to “lock” the items in at the price you want so that they prices don’t increase while you’re out adventuring. Items that are unlocked will get flushed out with new inventory every once in a while. Therefore, if you see a pet or a sword or some gloves that you want but can’t afford yet, you have to lock it down in the store or it might get exorbitantly expensive or disappear entirely the next time you come back. I see no logic in this system at all. The store could, you know, have a bigger than three item inventory. That might help.

Once you figure out the store/item system and the interface, it’s time to learn tower strategy. Each class provides entirely different types of towers (in fact, most aren’t even towers). Monks lay down bubble-shaped “Auras” that buff/debuff, the Huntress lays down mines and gas traps, and the Squire can build fortifications, and so on.

Your decisions about tower radius, tower speed, upgrade speed, tower strength, melee strength, and every other stat that you can control will all have very striking effects on how much trouble you have with a given wave of enemies.  Taken together, you begin to see that—despite the cartoony look and silly humor—Dungeon Defenders is a very, very deep game.

Bring a friend

The multi-player side of Dungeon Defenders is where the game really gets wild. Having a friend or three along changes the dynamic considerably. Since many of the maps have multiple entry points and paths to the monsters’ goal, it can be very hectic to run around with a single character and try to manage the mess. Having help is a giant relief. In the single player dynamic, you may get to a point where you are laying down slowing and binding towers at distant monster entry points so that you can control the timing of the attacks. You melee and deal with the immediate threat while the distant monsters have to struggle through the morass you’ve laid before them. Not so with multiple players. You can each pick a door and hold your ground. This changes the game entirely.

The game supports not only network play, but also four-player split-screen. Of course, this makes a lot of sense on Xbox 360, but I suppose you could also plug four Xbox 360 controllers into your PC if you were so inclined.

Dungeon Defenders four player split screen

Four player split-screen

You can trade items and pets with other players

The game supports Steam and GameSpy accounts, which is refreshing. It also has in-game voice chat that works just fine. Players can drop in and drop out of your hosted game without interrupting your progress as well.


The single-player and multi-player campaign mode will keep you occupied for quite a while, as the game ramps up to a pretty good challenge level. You’ll definitely be replaying some of the core levels a few times before you’re skilled enough and strong enough to beat them. Even then, you can go back for “perfects” and achievements. Because the game is so deep, you’ll find that your $15 has purchased quite a bit of entertainment value.

On top of the core missions, there are other modes such as Survival (endless creeps), Pure Strategy, and Mix Mode. By playing the other modes as well as increasing the challenge level of the campaign mode (up to ‘insane’ difficulty), you can earn better loot and epic gear.

Dungeon Defenders graphics

The graphics are shiny

To buy or not to buy?

Cloud Strife's sword in Dungeon Defenders

Look familiar?

This game is taking a pounding in some circles. People have been complaining about the controls, the wonky camera, and the difficulty. I’ll say that when I first got my review copy, I was pretty unhappy about the camera and controls, but there’s no point in worrying about it now because they’ve patched the game twice in the last three days, and those issues are pretty much gone. In a previous iteration, your character was relatively “centered” on screen, which made aiming ranged attacks absurdly difficult; your character’s big head was in the way. In the current version, they’ve moved your character model to the left, giving an over-the-shoulder third person view akin to Gears of War, which makes it far easier to aim.

The game supports Xbox 360 controllers, and honestly, that might be a better way to play. I’m used to keyboard and mouse now, but the view swapping got a little tiring at first (zooming out to aim and fight, and zooming in to move around the map). Dual analog sticks (one for aiming, other for camera) would make more sense in this viewpoint, but the game is definitely playable with keyboard and mouse. They also just added support for third and fourth mouse buttons (thumb buttons) in the last patch.

One last thing to mention is the humorous cameo appearances of other gaming culture nods; Cloud Strife’s sword is leaning on a sword rack in the tavern. The Aperture Science Portal Device is usable by the Huntress. There are TF2 characters in the game. It’s silly and fun.

If this game was $25 or $40 or $50, I would say, eh… Try the demo and if you like it enough, buy it. However, the game is $15. At that price, it represents a very good entertainment value proposition. It’s definitely worth $15 to enter this crazy game world, earn up to 57 Steam achievements, play with your friends, and smash a bunch of offensive monsters all night. I highly recommend it. And also, come play with us.


  1. primesuspect
    primesuspect Big patch went out last night
    • Steam persona names with non-ASCII characters can now connect to TrendyNet. (Korean names, etc)
    • Fixed special characters "\", "/", "<" creating unjoinable online games
    • Fixed "Start Wave" not updating to display the current Wave number of the match
    • Fixed potential losing-mission-unlock issue
    • Added option to toggle chase camera offset between left, right, and centered
    • Added option to disable "automatic step towards melee target" behavior
    • Made UI Scale keep the edge-alignment of the UI elements, so they stay at their corner even as they get smaller
    • Console key now changed from Tilde to F1
    • Apprentice: increased Tower attack rate ramp
    • Squire: lowered Tower DPS ramp
    • Increased maximum number of dropped items on the ground in missions
    • Made "L" key quickly log/unlock the highlighted item in your Item Box
    • Added -dowritelog commandline option to output log data & better error reporting method
    • Reworked TrendyNet keep-alive logic to minimize disconnects and reduce load

    So they nerfed the Squire a bit, but those blade towers are still insane.

    I see a bunch of you playing; how's everybody enjoying the game?
  2. NiGHTS
    NiGHTS Methinks we have an event this weekend and link up for some 4 player action.
  3. TiberiusLazarus
    TiberiusLazarus As someone who plays Squire as main, I am okay with the nerf.

    Perhaps we should get together and do some INSANE levels? Items and experience galore.
  4. QCH
    QCH I'm running this on a Android 3.2 on a Motorola Xoom and the camera changes from last week (Wave 2) were annoying... it kept moving the camera and I'd have the camera looking at the wall when I'm firing the other direction. I want the option to lock the camera to follow. The "not step toward enemy" might be nice too.

    The question is, what platforms are you all using?
  5. primesuspect
  6. QCH
  7. cherplunka
    cherplunka I need to play this so bad....
  8. primesuspect
  9. NiGHTS
    NiGHTS IC Event slated for Wednesday at 9PM EST/6PM PST! Come play with us!
  10. primesuspect
    primesuspect The difficulty ramp on this game is insane. Waves 1-6 no big deal WAVE 7 HOLY SHIT
  11. primesuspect
    primesuspect If you're a Steam achievement whore, I just found out tonight that you can only earn Steam achievements by playing online on Trendynet Ranked servers. You can still earn them in-game on Local and Open Multiplayer servers (and collect the trophies for your Tavern), but to get the real Steam achievements, Ranked Online only.

    The crappy part is: You have to start new characters for ranked. Blergh.
  12. TiberiusLazarus
    TiberiusLazarus Is it still possible to play with specific people when playing on ranked servers? Could we form an 'achievement get' group?
  13. primesuspect
    primesuspect Not sure. Want to try today?
  14. CB
    CB Did they fix the bug that causes the game to reset the player's custom controls when going into ranked servers?
  15. MiracleManS
    MiracleManS If this ever goes on sale I'll be all over it.
  16. primesuspect
    primesuspect CB: I don't know. I didn't have any problems with custom controls.

    You can go into a ranked server, make it a private match, and still play with your friends (or solo). Not sure why they allow anything other THAN ranked, really... Unless people like to screw around with cheats or mods THAT much.

    Anyways, new Apprentice created. Gothmog!

  17. primesuspect
    primesuspect I just double-checked for you, CB. I logged back in and all my controls were fine, so I'd say yes.
  18. Bad-Neighbor
    Bad-Neighbor Picked this up and have leveled a dude to 21 on open. I guess I'll need to do a ranked character, too. Butts.
  19. primesuspect
    7.05 Patch Notes:
    * Added "Halloween Spooktacular Event" Content! Tons of New Costumes, New Mission, New Items & Weapons!
    * Raised Mana Bank limit to 30 million
    * Added VSync and One-Threaded-Renderer Options to the Configuration Tool
    * Fixed 50% of all reported crash types
    * Improved Apprentice Defense Attack Rate ramp further, now you gain major Attack Rate DPS benefits well into the 100's of Attack Rate points
    * Chat-box now won't auto-close when opened if bound to 'Enter'
    * Items that are locked in your Item Box now stay locked when equipped to your hero
    * Fixed minor potential exploits
    * Chat History ("Console") Key can now be set in the Configuration Tool
    * Animus projectile now is piercing, and has better damage ramp.
    * "Heal-Self" Spell now takes more time proportionate to what your Maximum Health is.
    * Made "Enrage Aura" have a longer lifespan, more effective, and cost 1 less DU
    * Reduced Bloodrage Speed benefit, and Increased Bloodrage Mana cost-over-time
    * Fixed Magic Blockades not properly stealing the Element of Archers or Wyverns
    * Push-To-Talk option no longer disables itself between games
    * Map Loot icons now appear during the Combat Phase, not just the Build Phase
    * Equipment rating calculation now factors in potential upgrade levels (i.e. lower-end equipment with sufficient upgrade levels is compared evenly with upgraded equipment)
    * Added 60 more Item Box spaces
    * Console (Chat History) keybinding can now be set in the Configuration Tool
  20. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe Just a note, the new Halloween stuff is a DLC on Steam that is currently free, but you still have to install it like any other DLC.
  21. Bad-Neighbor
    Bad-Neighbor 7.06 Update
    Bug fixes / Feature Additions:
    * Rebalanced/redesigned Spooktacular spawns and added Leaderboard & Stats collection - Thanks Tsuda!
    * Made Spooktacular skins unlockable by beating Spooktacular on hard (per hero class), though second set of weapons remain Insane-only
    * Fixed various Spooktacular mission bugs
    * Fixed chatbox getting stuck during level transitions THANK GOODNESS!
    * Make costume unlock requirements clear in the costume selection
    * Allowed mission unlocking/downloads at the mission selection screen
    * Reduced self-heal mana cost ramp (cheaper to heal at high HP's now)
    * Added "Drop All Mana" key, default "M" key, and keybinding added to configuration tool
    * Fixed problem with Familiar attack rate being effectively capped (there was indeed a bug with this), and renamed the Familiar Attack Rate stat to "Attack Speed Bonus". Now high-Attack-Rate familars are way, way, way more effective.
    * Made practice dummies average DPS over 5 seconds for a more accurate reading
    * Fixed potential double-upgrade bug with superfast mouseclicks
    * Moved bonus-item crates back into the main section of the Halloween Tavern, out from the Secret Room
    * Added Pause menu option to "Hide Game", which delists the game and prevents anyone else from joining it. Useful for turning public match into a private match, or making a private match totally unjoinable even by your friends.
    * Fixed bug in algorithm to determine gear stat allocations, that was making high-end gear less likely to have Defense Damage and Defense AoE stats.
    * Removed Non-Infinite Build Time Option for Easy, Medium, Hard
    * Fixed bug where Squire would turn around when entering block in Chase Cam
    * Pets will now attack one of the Practice Dummies in the Tavern so you can check your Pet DPS
    * Added button (Default "G") to remote-activate your Eternia Crystal so you can begin the Combat phase from wherever you are

    Balancing Changes:
    * Made Genie pet's "Grant Mana Bonus" upgradeable, and made him grant more Mana proportionate to how much its "Grant Mana Bonus" is upgraded
    * Nerfed Spooktacular "Van Wolfstein" weapon about 40%, and Huntress Ability 'Piercing Shot' about 30%
    * Increased speed of Apprentice Staff "knockback" animation by 40%, and increased its maximum (fully charged) damage output by 50%
    * Nerfed Bowling Ball & Harpoon Turrets a bit more: bowling ball & harpoon damages reduced by about 33%, attack rate reduced by about 25%, bowling ball projectiles now limited to 6 hits before breaking, harpoon projectiles now limited to 12 hits before breaking.
    * Slice and Dice Tower no longer has such a vertical sweep to be effective against enemies above it
    * Reduced Energy Drain rates on Electric and Ensnare Monk Auras
    * Increased Insane/Post-Insane Kobold Damage by 20% and Kobold Explosion Damage radius by 20%
    * 20% increase to Spike Blockade HP & its exponential HP ramp
    * 30% better exponential damage ramp on Squire Circular Slice
    * 40% reduction on Imp/Engy repair costs
  22. primesuspect
    primesuspect Woo!
    Added button (Default "G") to remote-activate your Eternia Crystal so you can begin the Combat phase from wherever you are
  23. CB
    * Added button (Default "G") to remote-activate your Eternia Crystal so you can begin the Combat phase from wherever you are

    My group has been wishing for this from day one. I knew it was only a matter of time.
  24. _k
    _k I have lvl 10 squire right now. Spec'd for straight dmg/health with a little speed. Rolling with a pony too yo.
  25. pragtastic
    pragtastic A lot of patch balances and fixes/features in the last couple days. Loving how attentive and caring the Trendy devs are for this title right now. And some free DLC to boot? Hell yes.
  26. Tushon
    Tushon Bought this after Spencer convinced me. Seems well worth the $15 just for replay value
  27. pragtastic
    Tushon wrote:
    Bought this after Spencer convinced me. Seems well worth the $15 just for replay value

    Owned DD for about a week and easily gotten my $15 worth out of it already.
  28. _k
    _k I feel kind of sad though. Played over 2 hours and only got through 4 games, the first two maps on easy and normal. This is not a fast game for the most part.
  29. Tushon
    Tushon I think spencer and I got through three maps on Medium with me being brand new and having only played a couple tower defense games before. I need to look at the meta a little bit and figure out how I want to build my guy so I don't just keep throwing points at him. We almost cleared the fourth map, but couldn't hold off the hordes long enough. Still trying to figure out best tower placement on that map.
  30. primesuspect
    primesuspect Played with some pubs last night and plowed through the second zone and faced the second boss. Sweeeet.
  31. Gate28
    Gate28 They should patch the demo because the demo makes it really obvious the game is a crappy console port. The entire tutorial was for a 360 controller!
  32. SpencerForHire
    SpencerForHire Haters gonna hate.
  33. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe It still says Press Start whether it loads. It's obviously a console port.
  34. Annes
    Annes I don't care what sort of port it is, the game is WTF fun.
  35. Canti
    Canti Broke down and bought it. I'm gonna learn the basics this afternoon, who's playing tonight?
  36. _k
    _k I am, gonna try and run through some stuff on easy. Tried playing online with 2 pubs and Tushon.....we got burned on medium because one dude sucked horribly.
  37. pragtastic
    pragtastic More players = more mobs per wave. If someone isn't pulling their weight, you will feel it. Then the inevitable trampling from the horde will commence.
  38. Tushon
    _k_ wrote:
    I am, gonna try and run through some stuff on easy. Tried playing online with 2 pubs and Tushon.....we got burned on medium because one dude sucked horribly.

    horrible guy also ran around picking up every item on map, along with collecting the mana others had "earned". Keep a couple things in mind as you learn to play: first, if you don't need an item, i.e. can't use it, don't pick it up. The items all get sold and distributed equally at the end automatically if you don't need them. Two, don't overbuild your defense because you have a total number of defense "units" that can be built for your whole team, and over-building one section will make it harder for other sections.
  39. Canti
    Canti Anyone else have their character disappear after closing the game? How fix?!
  40. CB
    CB Questions:

    When playing one player, and switching characters around, how do I keep XP balanced? Only the character who is in the room during combat phase gets XP, so the tower-focused characters never level.

    Also: How do I access the special events? Like: It says that November is "Search for the eternia crystals, part 1" or whatever. What does that mean, how do I access that?
  41. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx I adore this game. So much fun. Tonight we discovered jump man, slap chop, easy mode, and Christmas balls. Some shots:

    Cola's Christmas Balls!
    Attachment not found.

    Spencer and I built the all time greatest tavern defense against Cherplunka!
    Attachment not found.
  42. Canti
    Canti I found that Steam cloud is probably responsible for my characters disappearing and causing various issues with other players. To disable it right click the game in your Steam library, go to properties, and uncheck enable Steam cloud sync in the updates tab or risk losing your characters 074f5075bdbcf9b17aadbe04946efcdb
  43. Thrax
    Thrax Characters are disappearing without Steam Cloud. That's not it.
  44. Canti
    Canti Weird, I turned it off and stopped losing my characters everytime I closed the game. If that wasn't it I'm worried again :eek3:.
  45. primesuspect
    primesuspect Weird. I've never lost a character. Are you guys playing Ranked?
  46. pragtastic
    pragtastic I've had one character rollback, but it was timed with a weird disconnect issue after being logged in / idle for a really long time.
  47. pragtastic
    pragtastic On a side note, our Icrontic DD group is nearing end-game and should be doing the new content / challenges very soon :D
  48. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Tonight, Cola, Cherplunka and I played the final level on medium. I don't think we realized it was the final level, but we played it anyways.

    We did alright, and we managed to get to the boss wave, which is a giant flying dragon thing. We figured that we had to use the giant crossbow deals on the roof to hit him. So Cola and I ran around and tried to fire the crossbows at him while Cherplunka ran around repairing all of our defenses.

    It wasn't going well. In fact, it was going terribly. Cola and I were having a horrible time actually dealing damage to the dragon (after hitting him with the arrows). Cherplunka was starting to panic a little bit about the crystals, which were taking heat, and I knew that at the incredibly slow rate we were damaging the dragon, there was absolutely no way we would win this fight. We had spend roughtly 35 minutes getting to this boss, and it was going to crash and burn at the end of it all.

    But we didn't give up. We rallied. Cola and I started splitting the map, one covered one set of crossbows, the other had the opposite side. We let Cherplunka main all of the mana so she could repair. Back and forth. Back and forth. Slowly, we creeped away at the Dragon's health. At the half way point, I jokingly said "if we win this game, I'm buying all of you drinks. Cola, take a rain check for a few years."

    And then it was over. We suffered a critical blow. A slap chop at a critical choke point went down. Cola and Cherplunka managed to hold off the baddies long enough for me to rebuild. Our success was short lived, however, when one crystal got focused by a huge leak. The crystal's health was down to 10%. It was surely over, as the Dragon still had a fourth of its health remaining.

    But we persisted, we endured. At the pinnacle of teamwork and communication, we were running a very tight battle. Everyone was doing exactly what they needed to do. Cherplunka kept the fort held down while Cola and I systematically followed the dragon and did our worst.

    And then we did it. With one final shot of the crossbow, we brought the dragon down. Skype broke out into cheers, clapping, and yelling as we lost it. We couldn't believe we had just won. A 25 minute long battle, resulting in one of the most intense and exciting gaming experiences I have ever had. It was incredible. I can't properly describe the event in words. I frigging LOVE this game.

    A well deserved MVP for Cherplunka at the end of that battle.

    If any of you aren't playing Dungeon Defenders yet, you need to be. This game is spectacular.
  49. primesuspect
    primesuspect Hell yes. I plowed through several missions with my son tonight. A fantastic father-son bonding time well spent :D
  50. UPSLynx
    Hell yes. I plowed through several missions with my son tonight. A fantastic father-son bonding time well spent :D

    haha, dude the three of us were JUST talking about that on Skype. We were like "hmmm... Prime and Perry in DD. 4AM on a school night. What an awesome family."

    This game, man. dat game.
  51. cola
    cola Yeah, we rode into an ancient dragon's keep bringing new hero's justice.
    It's big, it's brutal, it's the boss
    "I just balista'd your eye out, made myself the champion"
    "Beating the final boss of a game, now that's 20 levels or two thousand mana"
    "Get your filthy balistas away from me, loser"
    "While, we just thought that since you've been huntin us heros for so long, we just wanted to see what it would be like to hunt bosses for a while"
    "Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to infor..."
    "Excuse me, you are interrupting our victory celebration, we never discuss business while we're celebrating."
    Part ledgend, part devil, all man.

    Ninjakingcola is: Boss slayer
    UPSLynx and Cherplunka, his deputies

    They call him boss...BOSS SLAYAH!
  52. CB
    CB Does no one know the answer to this question, or did it just get lost in other discussion?
    How do I access the special events? Like: It says that November is "Search for the eternia crystals, part 1" or whatever. What does that mean, how do I access that?
  53. TiberiusLazarus
    CB wrote:
    Does no one know the answer to this question, or did it just get lost in other discussion?

    No idea. The halloween event is/was accessible from the challenges menu. Perhaps the November stuff isn't out yet?

    I believe there is to be a patch tomorrow. Maybe then.
  54. pragtastic
    pragtastic I believe only the halloween content is available, others to come in what looks to be weekly / bi-weekly releases. I just hope they don't shut down the old content right away so we have a chance to capitalize on all of it.
  55. Thrax
  56. TiberiusLazarus
  57. CB
    pragtastic wrote:
    I believe only the halloween content is available, others to come in what looks to be weekly / bi-weekly releases. I just hope they don't shut down the old content right away so we have a chance to capitalize on all of it.

    Well, some of the bonus stuff has specific dates on it, but this one just says 'November', so I figured it was a month-long thing...
  58. primesuspect
    primesuspect I've never seen any of the halloween content other than the costumes
  59. Thrax
  60. Cyclonite
    Cyclonite Oh, man. I've been so busy I haven't been able to play. I can't wait to get home from this trip!
  61. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Don't think you can play the Halloween maps until you beat the game or something. We tried one last night, it was incredibly difficult. Failure multiple times.
  62. TiberiusLazarus
    UPSLynx wrote:
    Don't think you can play the Halloween maps until you beat the game or something. We tried one last night, it was incredibly difficult. Failure multiple times.

    The recommended level is 60 for a reason.
  63. BlackHawk
    BlackHawk Just purchased the game. Am I late to the party?
  64. cola
    cola Well, we were 3 people lvl 30 and below and we made it up to the second to last wave without issue, then our maintenance slipped on one of our chokes and a bunch of suiciders ran in. I'm sure we could have held it if we'd been a bit more dillegant.

    And Blackhawk, you're just in time, I only got the game 3 days ago myself XD
  65. CB
    CB The Halloween map appears in the challenges right away. I made it to the last wave of easy mode with my level 15 wizard alone. It was the first time I'd seen a level with more than one core.
  66. primesuspect
    primesuspect A lot of the levels have more than one core ?
  67. TiberiusLazarus
    A lot of the levels have more than one core ?

    First 4 levels have 1 core. Next 4 have 2. Next 4 have 3.
  68. CB
    CB Right, that's what I'm saying. I wasn't very far into the game, and I was able to play halloweeeeeeen level.
  69. ardichoke
    ardichoke Well gentlemen. I caved in and bought this game. Feel free to all abandon it now :P
  70. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe Dungeon Defenders was so last week... This week, it's Skyrim!!
  71. primesuspect
    primesuspect We're all still playing the shit out of this game.

    Going through the campaign with Perry. He and I just got to the ramparts tonight after getting hung up in the Throne Room for a while. It took us about six attempts to beat the throne room. He mains squire, and I main huntress.
  72. pragtastic
    pragtastic To those saying they've "done the halloween map and almost beat it, with low-level characters", if I may ask, what difficulty was the map set to? The unlocks come at Hard or Insane for that map, which are indeed pretty difficult.
  73. CB
    pragtastic wrote:
    To those saying they've "done the halloween map and almost beat it, with low-level characters", if I may ask, what difficulty was the map set to? The unlocks come at Hard or Insane for that map, which are indeed pretty difficult.
    CB wrote:
    I made it to the last wave of easy mode with my level 15 wizard alone.
  74. pragtastic
    pragtastic Whoops, I know I read that post CB, i just missed the difficulty part.
  75. Mr. R Seems like a must-have game to me. I was planning to buy it when it's on sale but... Steam says "Halloween DLC will be free to anyone who owns Dungeon Defenders BEFORE 11/11".

    So, what do you think, which one will be the cheaper option:

    - To buy now and get free Halloween DLC
    - Or to wait until the game is on sale and buy the DLC

    So basically I'm asking what do you think the DLC will cost after 11/11?

    Btw, I'm planning to buy the 4-pack.
  76. primesuspect
    primesuspect I don't think the Halloween DLC will be purchasable.

    This game is too fun to not buy for $15/copy. I'd dive in :D
  77. cola
    cola Lynx, Cherp, and I made it to the second to last wave on the Halloween map on medium.
  78. primesuspect
    primesuspect I'm claiming contagion for this one. Deal with it.
  79. primesuspect
    primesuspect Patch 7.08
    * Added 16-player PvP CTF Pre-Alpha Season Pass "Frostdale Village" DLC support.

    * Fixed return-to-tavern crash / map-transition crash
    * Fixed issue where Costumes would sometimes not be unlocked when completing Halloween Spooktacular!

    * Fixed glitch where you could get "Unlocked New Mission / Costume" messages on every startup unless you did a local save

    * Kobolds should no longer ever phase through blockades

    * Raised cap on Monk weapon Ranged Damage stat per upgrade to 85

    * Added Insta-Invest button to immediately dump in as much Mana as you can for the next Upgrade level

    * Fixed bug where User Interface debug info could appear on-screen by pressing some obscure key combination

    * Chain Lightning Tower now immediately retargets to new enemies after killing an enemy. Also its Attack Duration Ramp has been increased by 40%, now you get much longer-hitting lighting towers, and Lightning Tower AOE including max number of chains increased by 10%, and its Max Chain Length increased by 33%

    * Uber-Chicken Pet's Damage now scales with Hero Damage and has a reasonable impact AoE, making it a fantastic boast-worthy reward for any Legendary Defender

    * Fixed issue where DarkBot and Spanky pets weren't counting towards the "Gotta Catch Em All!" Achievement. If you already have those Pets, with this update you will simply need to drop those Pets from your Item Box or Hero, and pick them up or store them again, in order to have them count towards the Achievement.

    * Fixed Ogres occasionally getting stuck in creep rooms on Glitterhelm

    * Chicken Pet can no longer have poor number of upgrade levels

    * Added simplified Monk Auras for low-quality graphics modes

    * Enabled Guardians to boost multiple nearby Defenses! This is a new, upgradeable stat on all Guardians (only upgrades once every 10 levels so you need to be packing a high-level Guardian to get the most out of it). Increased Guardian boost-amount exponents by 100% so their Boost-stat value will have more of an effect as well. Enjoy it, it makes Guardians an incredibly powerful buff especially when used in team groupings!

    * Auto-lock items picked up from tavern floors

    * Reduced enemy ramp by over 60% for Survival Enemies (so a much quicker affair now), but now the Survival/Pure-Strat difficulty ramp vastly increased once you get past Wave 10. Moved Giraffe Pet earning to Wave 25 survival.
  80. primesuspect
    primesuspect Oh man! DAT LIGHTNING BUFF
  81. Tushon
    Tushon Yeah, as if I didn't dominate choke points with lightning towers before ... Those fixes listed are awesome and address pretty much everything that I've heard was wrong with the game.
  82. NiGHTS
    NiGHTS I'd like to formally announce the creation of Petunia, the male-legged female Squire. Petunia wears a pink and purple set of armor ingame with a lovely pink feathered helm. A most fortuitous discovery, she happened across a giant pink sword during a powerlevel session with PrAnnesFodder last night. If you happen to bump into her ingame, please feel free to press "C" and announce your presence with a giant arrow.
  83. Zanthian
    Zanthian * Fixed return-to-tavern crash / map-transition crash

    Yay! This was getting pretty bad. I am really enjoying this game and the fact that they are supporting it so well out of the gate.
  84. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas So does Icrontic still play this? I was on steam looking for deals when it jumped out at me (Well mostly the Black Mage character) but after watching the small trailers I couldn't stop laughing.

    Got it now, hope it doesn't end up as one of my many untouched steam games.
  85. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx We haven't lately because of a host of reasons, (mainly Holiday madness and LoL for me), but I know a lot of IC still plays, and I have every intention to keep playing the crap out of this game.
  86. BlackHawk
    BlackHawk I haven't played recently due to their being a ridiculous amount of games out and I've got a large backlog of tv episodes I want to watch. /firstworldproblems
  87. primesuspect
    primesuspect Yes, there are still people playing this. I'm still playing it, I saw prag playing two nights ago, etc.... It's just.. Skyrim...
  88. CB
    CB A group of us play every Thursday night lately, but we're not the official IC group. :P
  89. Ilriyas
    Yes, there are still people playing this. I'm still playing it, I saw prag playing two nights ago, etc.... It's just.. Skyrim...

    I know your pain Prime, why play anything else when there's Skyrim.

    Ah well, maybe someone should just set up an event one day (Like we did with TF2) because I have no idea how to do that XD
  90. primesuspect
    primesuspect Events usually never work out; what almost always works is: Open up the game, invite three random people from {IC} and before you know it, you'll have a full group :)
  91. pragtastic
    pragtastic Also, 4 new classes out (all are the opposite sex of the current hero classes, with new abilities, not towers).
  92. CB
    CB If I'm playing a new class, and my friend doesn't have the new classes, can I still join their game?
  93. SpencerForHire
  94. trooster89
    trooster89 Anyone still playing this game? It's on sale now for $3.75
  95. SpencerForHire
  96. Ilriyas
    Ilriyas I play it on occasion, would really like to get an IC group together for it though.
  97. Pacifisto
    Pacifisto I just started today, and Error's downloading as I type.

    I'd love to get in on some ICDD!

    (steam: Pacifisto the Turnip)
  98. CrazyJoe
    CrazyJoe The Dungeon Defenders Game and DLCs are all 75% off today.
  99. LazarusXero
    LazarusXero Bought the game and all DLC today... what a deal... now I just have to find someone to play with...
  100. QCH
    QCH I have it... but on the tablet so not the best method to play.

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