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New trailer and release date for Hawken

New trailer and release date for Hawken

We all saw the original gameplay video for Hawken nearly a year ago. Now, not only will we have one, but two free-to-play PC exclusive Mech games for our entertainment. Hawken is set to be released on December 12, 2012.

The question being: Why does December have to be so far away?

If you cannot wait, you can enlist yourself for the closed beta.


  1. AlexDeGruven
    AlexDeGruven I love that this subgenre is starting to get some real attention again. The mechs really were the best part of BF:2142.
  2. sharkydart
    sharkydart I thought the best part was being a cloaked sniper, single-handedly taking out a mech team with c4 shoved into the exhaust vent underneath ;)
  3. UPSLynx

    Man, this game looks ferocious.

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