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The Drop Reset Report Hitman edition

The Drop Reset Report Hitman edition

Hello again fellow TF2 enthusiasts. Welcome to another edition of The Drop Reset Report. In this volume we will take a look at some new promo items and some items that should be gone, but due to the determination of hardcore collectors, still exist.


Hitman Absolution TF2 items

Contract Killing Time!

Anyone who enjoys the Hitman series and enjoys Genuine TF2 items is going to love this. A set of six Genuine TF2 items will be granted to anyone who pre-orders Hitman: Absolution™ on Steam. Along with the five hats/misc items, the Quäckenbirdt is a re-skin of the Spy’s default Invisibility Watch. As seems to be the pattern whenever a re-skin is introduced, this has spurred quite a few complaints on the TF2 forum about re-skins as opposed to new weapons with unique stats.


A Genuine Cockfighter will be awarded to players who pre-order Scribblenauts Unlimited on Steam. This all-class hat is about as ridiculous as it sounds and features two styles, Max and Lilly, to match two different characters in the game.


TF2 collectors figured out quite a while ago that if you don’t log into TF2, items that were supposed to disappear would not. Collectors created TF2 accounts that they never log into, solely to keep these items. Until the 2012 Spectral Halloween Special these items were only crates and keys. During this year’s Halloween event, the footprints emerged as the rarest of the twenty-six spells. The spells were well liked, so people used them—rendering them even rarer. At the time of this writing, all seven of the footprints spells are in the top ten rarest tools in the game, with less than 570 of each remaining.

Small Change

  • The missing style names for the Plutonidome and Sir Hootsalot have been added.
  • The Bat Outta Hell is no longer Halloween-restricted and also had its missing style names added.
  • The Spooky Shoes not hiding the Scouts socks and shoes has been fixed.
  • The Coffin Kit not hiding the Pyro’s backpack has been fixed.
  • Small fix for the Jumper’s Jeepcap texture.
  • Team colors for the Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) have been fixed.
  • The item type for the Balloonicorn and the Boo Balloon is now “Wearable Balloon.”
  • Three new styles have been added to the Boo Balloon.
  • The item type for the Unknown Monkeynaut and the Dead Little Buddy is now “Wearable Ghost.”
  • Small fix on the fire overlay for the Wraith Wrap and Coffin Kit.
  • Modified the materials for the Executioner and Hazmat Headcase.
  • The Dishonored promo items—The Lacking Moral Fiber Mask and Whale Bone Charm—are now craftable and tradable.
  • The Master Mind received updated VMTs.


How much does item quality matter to you? Do you shoot for the rarer Genuine and Vintage items even though they are no different than Unique items? Are you a fan of Strange quality items since you actually get specific stats out of them?

This is Digi signing off. Keep on grabbing those items and I’ll see you next week right here on The Drop Reset Report.


  1. UPSHitman
    UPSHitman Did somebody say Hitman???
  2. Creeperbane2
    Creeperbane2 @UPS-Hitman Idk about Hitman, but that heavy is hatman. (vomits due to pun poisoning)
  3. Bandrik
    Bandrik I find item quality to be amusing, and it's kind of neat to have a "genuine" or even "haunted" item... but beyond bragging rights, I don't find them overly enticing.

    I am much more intrigued by the "strange" quality items, as they actually do something. While keeping score isn't a big deal to me, it is rather interesting to see some weapon-specific stats recorded. The fact the item "levels-up" is also kind of fun, so yeah I guess I'm a fan.

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