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Video Game Awards 2012: The list

Video Game Awards 2012: The list

Nominees for the SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2012This year marks the tenth anniversary for the SpikeTV Video Game Awards—it first aired back in December of 2003 and was designed to showcase and award the best video games of the year. Lately, it has become more than a typical award show; they bring in live music, air exclusive trailers from a variety of publishers, and more. This year will not be any different, as the list has come out and players get to place their votes to see if their favorite games will win.

Who will stand alone on top as Game Of The Year? Here are the nominees:

Game Of The Year: 

  • Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal)
  • Dishonored (Bethesda Softworks/Arkane Studios)
  • Journey (Sony Computer Entertainment/ThatGameCompany)
  • Mass Effect 3 (Electronic Arts/Bioware)
  • The Walking Dead: The Game (Telltale Games)

Studio Of The Year:

  •  343 Industries
  • Arkane Studios
  • Gearbox Software
  • Telltale Games

Best XBox 360 Game:

  • Assassin’s Creed III  (Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal)
  • Borderlands 2 (2K Games/Gearbox Software)
  • Dishonored  (Bethesda Softworks/Arkane Studios)
  • Halo 4 (Microsoft Studios/343 Industries)

Best PlayStation 3 Game:

  • Assassin’s Creed III  (Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montreal)
  • Borderlands 2 (2K Games/Gearbox Software)
  • Dishonored  (Bethesda Softworks/Arkane Studios)
  •  Journey (Sony Computer Entertainment/ThatGameCompany)

Best Wii/Wii-U Game:

  • New Super Mario Bros. U (Nintendo)
  • The Last Story (Xseed Games/Mistwalker/AQ Interactive
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo/Monolith Software)
  • ZombiU (Ubisoft/Ubisoft Montpellier)

Best PC Game:

  • Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Guild Wars 2 (NCSoft/ArenaNet)
  • Torchlight II (Runic Games)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2k Games/Firaxis Games)

For the rest of the list and instructions on how to vote for your favorites, you can head to Spike.com. The Award show airs on December 7th at 9pm EST.


  1. Theironhand
    Theironhand Borderlands 2 is my choice for game of the year, too bad it's not nominee, but really I would've voted for DayZ even thought it's not a game, just a mod for a game.
  2. midga
    midga I was about to get real indignant, but then noticed it was a spike list and not an Icrontic list. So, uh, yeah. Carry on.
  3. BuddyJ
    BuddyJ I'm glad to see Journey recognized as a nominee, but I assume it'll be passed over for a shoot-em-up game since it's Spike.
  4. Soda
    Soda Nothing in that PC list can contend with Diablo 3. Guild Wars 2 was a massive let down. I totally agree with ironhand though, Borderlands 2 wins hands down in my book. Too bad Dota 2 hasn't officially "released" yet xD.
  5. Thrax
    Thrax (Generic "the game I like isn't on the list" complaint. Also anecdotes.)
  6. Canti
    Canti DOTA2 will never officially release and I can't begin to explain how surprised I am that Blops 2 isn't a nominee in every category including best Wii game and studio of the year. Did people finally realize it's the 4th or 5th time they released Call of Duty 4 with different cover art?

    Anyway, Game of the year is.......
    Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 8th year in a row.
  7. sharkydart
    sharkydart Diablo III was fun, but I don't know that it deserves to be in the running for Best PC Game, taking all the aspects of the game into account.
  8. Thrax
    Thrax The Spike VGAs weren't around during Diablo II's day, so I guess they threw its clone in there as a proxy.
  9. Idchess
    Idchess Walking dead hands down. Other games as my father quotes "Are violence, just pressing buttons in diffrent ways" I don't agree in a way, but STILL! This game does defeiny a game dosen't have to be a firstperson shooter or a fighter to be a great game
  10. RootWyrm
    RootWyrm Just gonna call it now: Halo 4 sweeps almost everything. Because "BRO, HALO." "HALO, BRO." "HALO 4 MAN." "FUCK YEAH LET'S GET SOME DORITOS AND MOUNTAIN DEW AND HALO BRO."
  11. Creeperbane2
    Creeperbane2 And not a Black Ops 2 was seen that day. I haz a happy!
  12. BHHammy
    BHHammy Oh hey, it's the annual Spike TV "Buy a Video Game Award" Show.

    Huh, no BLOPS2? What, did Activision spend ALL of their Doritos/M-Dew money already?

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