Four day Zero to Hero Online D&D campaign in June



  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @Winfrey so please create your character in DNDbeyond. Thats the best place to quickly level a character which we will do often in this Zero to Hero game. Instead of porting over that character to roll20, we should use the Beyond 20 Google extension to roll from DNDBeyond into roll20 for your character. That way its only one place that the character lives.

    Beyond 20

  • SazbeanSazbean Madam President has a nice ring to it Chelsea, MI Icrontian

    @Winfrey If you make the characters in dndbeyond, and install the Chrome extension mentioned, you can roll from there directly into roll20. Dndbeyond makes it way easier to create characters which is important when you need to create 10 Level 0s.

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    How do you set yourself to level 0?

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    so you wouldn't for level 0. for that, you can just use Roll20's roller. it will be simple rolls and modifiers, nothing scary

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    It looks like for a level 0 character you just don't pick a class. Am I doing it right? Also DnDBeyond only gives you 6 character slots.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Sorry for the confusion, as this is the first time Ive ever done level 0...

    • DONT use dndbeyond for level 0 characters. Just make them on paper, a spreadsheet, whatever. Most will die anyway.
    • DO use dndbeyond once you have a level 1 character. That will happen between the end of the Wednesday session and the start of the Thursday session
    • ON WEDNESDAY roll from roll20 or physical dice for your level 0 characters
    • ON THURS - SUN roll from dndbeyond using Beyond 20.

    Yep, the above is confusing, made so by trying to do unusual things like level 0 characters which don't exist in D&D 5e.

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    So for Level 0 Duderinos we really just need a name, race, ability scores?

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Pretty much. You pick a race, a background, some equipment, and ability scores...

    • You begin play with -100 XP
    • Do not choose a class: you begin play with only your racial and background features.
    • You have 1d6 Hit Dice. Your maximum hit points is equal to 6 + your Constitution modifier.
    • Your proficiency bonus is +1
    • You begin only with the equipment granted by your background, or 4d4 gp.
  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Should we just have our Level 0 characters on note cards or try to enter them on DnDBeyond?

    Whoops, thread got updated while I was composing this.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020


    Most skill rolls for a Level 0 will be just a 1D20 plus your ability modifier listed below. Your level 0 character will have a few proficiencies from their background and race. Proficiency bonus is +1 at level 0.

    • Strength

      • Athletics
    • Dexterity

      • Acrobatics
      • Sleight of Hand
      • Stealth
    • Intelligence

      • Arcana
      • History
      • Investigation
      • Nature
      • Religion
    • Wisdom

      • Animal Handling
      • Insight
      • Medicine
      • Perception
      • Survival
    • Charisma

      • Deception
      • Intimidation
      • Performance
      • Persuasion
  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    @drasnor anything that is quick and easy. Spreadsheet, lined paper, note cards, dry erase board. Whatever works for you thats the least effort because 9 of these 10 characters are going to be fish food by the end of the night.

  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian

    I rolled some characters.

  • JokkeJokke Bergen, Norway Icrontian

    For drinks, get the cheapest rum money can buy you mange to plunder, and mix 50/50 with seawater. Add a lime boat if you're feeling fancy, and don't want scurvy.

  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    For some reason that doesn't sound terrible.

    Hey would anyone familiar with rolling these characters be willing to take the time and go through that process with me? This is my first non-4hours at expo DND and I'm trying to be as little noob as possible but man is a lot of this Greek to me.


  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Hey @BobbyDigi and all, I have created a spreadsheet that can help with creating your level 0 characters. It has the steps to build Level 0 characters.

  • RyanFodderRyanFodder Detroit, MI Icrontian

    @BobbyDigi I'm also happy to help next time we catch each other on discord.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    So here is the list of people who have seats at the game. I will presume you are planning on starting Wednesday for the Gauntlet unless told otherwise.

    1. @Sazbean
    2. @CrazyJoe
    3. @Winfrey
    4. @Jokke
    5. @BobbyDigi
    6. @Tushon
    7. @drasnor
    8. Open per night

    The Open Spot each night will go to a random player from one of my existing games who is interested, based on this list

    1. @TiberiusLazarus
    2. @RyanFodder
    3. @cola
    4. Jeff
    5. Jazzy
  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    There are some races that I can not access to grab speeds and attribute bonuses.
    Hopefully that doesn't mean I can't use those races. I just need to work with someone who does have access to those to fill in my sheet.


  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Anyone needing exotic races or backgrounds can try this site Should all be there

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Also Mythic Odysseys of Theros isn't official WoTC content, so we're going to have to be creative in getting Leonin detailed.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    Seven Days to IC on the High Seas

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    What's the Start time going to be every night? I suddenly have meetings scheduled Tues-Thurs next week, :#

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    6pm EST

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Four days to IC on the High Seas

    Drink Along
    @TiberiusLazarus compiled a list of Pirate drinks (and taste tested them as well)
    If you would like to join in the Drink-Along, go out and buy anything you need before Wednesday

    • Wednesday - Zombie Punch
    • Thursday - Bumbo
    • Friday - Port / Ale
    • Saturday - Dark and Stormy

    @Sazbean has offered to setup a Twitch stream of the game for any and all to watch.

    We are going to take over the 'A game, any game' channel at 6pm EST for the voice and video chat

    Perfect event to dust off that pirate costume to wore to Renfest. Or just wear an IC Expo t-shrit. We don't judge here, so if you want to dress up, this is the event to do it.

  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian

    Due to my schedule change I'm just not going to have the time to do this :(
    I am the sads.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian

    @Winfrey I'm sorry to hear that.

    Updating the list accordingly, adding @cola and @jazzworth as full campaign players

  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian

    I have one-liner backstories for all 10 of my gauntlet characters but I didn't want to get too attached to them since 9/10 of them are getting murdered.

  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    I think I have everything but names but I have a Changeling who's Constitution rolled 5 and is not covered in the MOD table so not sure what to fill in.


  • drasnordrasnor Starship Operator Hawthorne, CA Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Use cell formula =ROUNDDOWN(score/2,0)-5 so a score of 5 should yield a -3 modifier. Interesting choice of CON as a dump stat though; this character will start with 3 HP and have a -3 modifier to HP at each level. For most classes this means you will not gain much HP as you level up (minimum 1/level). Also, try to avoid getting poisoned or needing to hold your breath because that -3 modifier applies to your constitution saves as well.

    EDIT: I interpreted the instructions to roll scores to use the standard ability score rolling rules in the Player's Handbook/Basic Rules as paraphrased in sazboom's earlier post. It is unusual to do strict rolls of one ability score at a time; this was a variant rule in earlier editions of D&D but I haven't seen it used because it has a high probability of producing un-fun, unplayable characters.

  • sazboomsazboom White Lake MI Icrontian
    edited June 2020

    Dras is correct, the roll mechanic in PHB isn't strict rolls, but a variant that selects best 3 out of 4. But Ill also say that completely broken characters rolled up through strict rolls are also fun in a very different way. Its a bit like having three British car icons drive three $1000 coffins on wheels for pure entertainment value. We laugh at their suffering. But in this game we are doing the PHB method.

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