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    Project Cars 2 (40.2 hours): Primarily playing this with IC on Friday as part of Pandemic Playtime. Some of the most consistent fun I have had wit the group in the past couple of years. Even if I spend most of the race racing alone just listening to others start saying 'shit shit shit on shit watch out.....crap' is hilarious. Previously I have played a bit of Burnout1/2/3, GRiD, DiRT, and a few random games but never a sim. I have not dumped a huge amount of my hours into the campaign because that is not the primary reason I purchased the game. Online racing with friends in this has been fantastic even when I hated the race. @Sonorous runs our weekly games with a lot of thought put into it, he knows what he is doing and if you have any interest in racing with friends we would love to have you. The graphics look fantastic cranked up but I do get a bit of stutters on a regular basis as I watch the FPS jump from 130 down to < 90.

    Games Completed:151
    Time: 7 weeks 134.87 hours

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    Borderlands The Pre-Sequel (18.6 hours): I thought it wasn't that bad. Still felt like a borderlands game with some weird bits because you on a moon. They tried to make fighting have a little more depth because of it; people won't burn in space and you can cause people to suffocate in space. What they didn't tell you is this game takes place in a kitchen and you are trying to kill a sponge as the final boss. I didn't come here to play FF7 where the final boss has 5 final forms. Literally rage quit because I was tired of the overall squish everything at the end and finding a boss that does several one hits so you are expected to pull off half a dozen second wind recoveries is just dumb. Hrmph Uninstall

    Games Completed: 152
    Time: 7 weeks 153.4.7 hours

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    Deep Rock Galactic (26.6 hours): Still haven't spent any time in high level play which is my biggest gripe about the game, you have to grind for so long to unlock some things and it is actually super annoying. Concept of the game is 4 dwarf squad co-op mining game. You launch from a space station/ship into a big rock that has several different biomes in it. Each one has as different environment but effectively they are still the same just reskins. Environmental dangers are the only thing that really changes.
    You have 4 characters engineer/gunner/scout/driller each with different weapons but the skill tree is shared. Each character must be leveled up independently and each level the character increases it helps level up your player level which allows for unlocks in cosmetics and some basic items like higher difficulty. This gets into my biggest issue with the game since it takes so long to level 4 characters, promote, and start it all over. There is a whole segment that requires you to promote one character after level 25 which moves them back to level 1 to do it all over again.
    Out side of that the graphics are good enough, their usage of light in the game is spot on since you are mining, and the cave systems are procedural so it is always fresh but lately when I have been host games as driller there is a lot of BS placement on ceilings. Worth the $30 especially if you have a couple friends that play. The devs just released a new update and there are a lot of details or explorable elements in the game that they didn't have to put in but gives it a nice 'we cared about this' feel.

    Games Completed:153
    Time: 8 weeks 12.07 hours

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    Ski Sniper (2.4 hours) : This is not a game where you ski and then snipe things. This is a game where you snipe ski jumpers. They reuse the Sniper Elite bullet time effects and set goals for shooting kidneys, left foot, spleen, etc. You get money for completing special task or back to back snipes. The money is then used to unlock new guns or drugs to help improve your focus. Fun for about 30 minutes then it is played out despite having half a dozen sniping locations to shoot from. Easy enough to 100% the game if you don't mind spending a half dozen hours ensuring you hit a jumpers kidneys instead of their spleen.

    Games Completed: 154
    Time: 8 weeks 14.47 hours

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    DOOM Eternal (15.4 hours):
    You can't just shoot a hole into the surface of Mars. This is a masterful game. Prior to starting the game I replayed 2016 and my biggest complaint was how slow and heavy the DOOM Slayer felt. They fixed that with Eternal, now I was a nimble little butterfly zipping through the air landing on heads while raining sticky nades on demon's faces. Eternal takes place after 2016 with a continuation of the story line. The demon invasion of Earth has been completed but between it starting and now you acquired an space battle station that serves as the hub for all missions and viewing any of your items you have collected in the levels. Starting this straight off from 2016 I hated the controls and push to using abilities like a flame thrower, nades, and a high damage punch but after playing several levels back to back it didn't matter because it just gives you the ability to dump more dmg on demons while doing weapon switches.

    Being able to dash, double jump, and do extreme latches to perform glory kills or a chainsaw murder meant movement speed was double to triple what it felt like in 2016. The story felt a lot more engaging as I would pause mid mission to read text pages I found because I became very interested in the narrative and back story. This doesn't mean there are some weird ass holes like being introduced to the betrayer in game but has no real value. Plus nothing like making the slayer swim through some radioactive water to drain a room but everyone loves water levels. By the last set of missions in game I had to turn down the difficulty because I kept getting swarmed and juggled into a death spiral with several of the fast and cheap demons that also had long range power attacks; snake ladies, teleporting demons, the dual sword wielding weeb. But that also lowered the difficulty to much because I rolled into the final boss with 16 extra lifes.

    The game brought in the old idea of 1Ups in a very good way. You can find and stock them so when you are in the middle or end of a big fight that is tough and you die you just auto spawn in place with a few seconds of invulnerability to try and recover. Being able to just carry on through a fight saved me a lot of frustration and time in long big fight sequences. At the same time I learned to exploit the glory kill mechanic when I was getting swarmed bad to pull the invulnerable frames when a big attack was hitting.

    This game was choice and HIGHLY addictive. At points I had to keep myself from pounding on the desk and screaming RIP AND TEAR because I was so pumped. They slayers furry knows no bounds and the legions of hell stand no chance in the onslaught of his unequaled rage.

    Games Completed: 155
    Time: 8 weeks 29.87 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    The Ultimate Doom (5.1 hours): I have never actually played Doom besides a level or swapped in for a few minutes. This version is the original Doom game plus one extra episode. Nothing like some old 16-bit music because that is what you had. Also rather fun playing a game that is not about anything besides shoot things in the face while sprinting around. There is a story and information in the handbook but of course I do not have those, it always makes me hot and bothered when I think of the red alert inserts with keyboard shortcuts and tech trees. Honestly the game wasn't very hard despite running on difficulty 3 until I had to deal with things like the cyberdemon and mastermind just because of one shoting. That changed in the new episode because that is where I turned it all the way down because starting in a room with 12 enemies is not fun plus then having to run around a lava/poison floor. Who the hell decided that is a good video game mechanic, it is cheap and designed just to bleed health. Episode 4 honestly felt like doom because there were a bunch of demons to shotgun in the face and you had to be aggressive to live. Looking forward to Doom II.

    Games Completed: 156
    Time: 8 weeks 34.97 hours

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    Idle Champions The Forgotten Realms(384.4 hours): This is a DnD based idle game. You have a set of 12 heroes that can be switched around but the max 'bench' slots you have is 12. Just like any other idle game you attack waves of enemies and progress forward. The difference is this game uses formations that change depending on rules or what campaign you are running which is interesting and requires min/max theory instead of just a pure max math theory like Clicker Heroes. Do not like how they run timed events for unlocking new heroes because they are trying to keep engagement high since you can spend plenty of money on this free game. Relatively fun but it takes a decent amount of interaction. Kind of done with it at this point with 45. 18%, of the achievements complete because now there is just grinding on some campaigns to progress. I have over 3,000 on Clicker Heroes and was running an autoplayer program I modified to keep working as the game was updated.

    Games Completed: 157
    Time: 10 weeks 82.97

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Doom II: Hell on Earth(5.2 hours): Now this is more Doom. Action is faster paced, plenty of puzzles, and platforming elements all over the place. Some of the levels have shoved their own head up their ass since they have arrows pointing the way or secrets that are only possible to find from hitting every wall with a pistol shot. Had a bit more fun with II but I had to start forcing myself to play after about level 15 because of the level design. When it takes thinking 'I hope there is a portal or door down in the lava' before jumping in a pit because there is no other way to progress is just dumb. Almost would rather replay lemmings levels that require building a massive ladder than play some of these levels. Several of the gun fights are very rewarding because it feels very much as though just pure rage filled desire not to die is the only reason you managed to slaughter all of the enemies. Some moments are funny to go back and read about because there is such a strong need to use your imagination.

    Games Completed: 158
    Time: 10 weeks 58.17

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    Furry Love (1.83 hours): 100% BABY. @Obsidian gifted me this game two days ago in a Christmas fit of lewdness. The game is a mash of clones centered around beating a level to reveal an adult image with a furry theme. Pac-man, falling image catch, rock-paper-sissors, and image cutter(hard). It does have a censored version in game. The steam store page does display some of the adult art work if you want to check it out.

    Games Completed: 159
    Time: 10 weeks 60 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Kids of Hellas: Back to Olympus (6.9 hours): I thought this was an off shot from the 12 laborers game series and thus was shocked when I started playing the game and saw different art assets plus different queue rules for assigning task. After checking the steam reviews people stated it was a reskin of another game made by the same publisher while trying to pawn it off like a 12 laborers game..........yup. No idea what the plot of this game is since I don't care any more after 10 of the previous ones. I hit 100% achievements with 5 levels left on the game.

    Games Completed: 160
    Time: 10 weeks 66.9 hours

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    Battlefront II (6 hours): Played a few hours with a friend in multiplayer which was kind of fun since we would both go on runs in the more open maps but indoor maps had such terrible chokes the general lag and some of the faster paces animations made playing the game unfriendly. I was just going to finish the campaign before hanging everything up since the game was free however the game crashes any where between 10 to 30 minutes for me. I dragged my ass through the first campaign and started the second one but couldn't hang on when dealing with 3 crashes in the first mission. So done and get away from me. I think I need to stop playing online multiplayer games and just have a happier single player experience like Mass.

    Games Completed: 161
    Time: 10 weeks 72.9 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Control (25.6 hours): I really enjoyed playing this game. The plot seemed to just drop characters and sub stories pretty regularly which was aggravating since it felt like huge holes were left in their wake but the atmosphere was extremely enjoyable. Only caveat I have with this game is you need the DLC because it provides a whole campaign with Alan Wake cross over plus some origination background for the Bureau of Control. Several of the boss fights felt like utter cheese BS where you have to get lucky and good. The main story was probably 10 hours while all the side missions and just exploring was the rest, and I didn't finish everything. There is apparently a super secret outfit unlock of cat ears and some of the secrets you have to figure out are pretty crazy.

    Games Completed: 162
    Time: 10 weeks 98.5 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Battlefield 1 campaign(5 hours): The campaign is freaking rough. I picked the game up through Prime Gaming for free and super glad I did, funny enough I bought the special edition statue a couple years ago for $15 and gave it to a friend after holding it for awhile. The campaign is 5 separate stories that you play through trying to illustrate the different types of fighting along with the different theaters. All the cut scenes had stutters in the playback, some times loading campaigns would fail, AI would cause NPCs to run across the map or in circles for no reason, the horse is glitchy, etc. Not a very good experience at all.

    Games Completed: 163
    Time: 10 weeks 103.5 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Alpaca Staka(9 minutes): Free, cute, fun, unity plat-former. An alpaca was going to a party with a hen but the squirrel wasn't invited and he was jelly so he let the hen's chicks out of their pen. Now the alpaca must find the kids and return them home. Super basic plat former but cute.

    Games Completed: 164
    Time: 10 weeks 103.6 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Gunfire Reborn (12 hours): This is a rogue game but with guns and a skill tree. Weapons can be upgraded or better/worse version will drop during the play through. The maps are technically procedural generated since some times the paths change but realistically things never change. When so much of your play through hinges on RNG for weapons and buff upgrades it feels frustrating unlike a true skill only game. Since there is only one map and only three levels you spend all night doing the same thing just to grind more points to burn on the skill tree. You do get different characters with a small variety of special actions or buffs but it doesn't change the run and nature so once you figure out a strong gun combo you use that with every character.

    Games Completed: 165
    Time: 10 weeks 115.6 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Battlefield V (6 hours): The single player is what Battlefield I should have been, a snippet with a decent story from a different aspect of WWII. There was still a lot of reflex sights on guns which bugs me plus other exotic hardware just all over the place. Had several technical issues with video stutters despite running 90-140 fps, game stuck loading, a crash, and unable to actually exit the game without a forced kill of the exe. When you have the same very specific issues between different games it really shows how much you care. It was free.

    Games Completed: 166
    Time: 10 weeks 121.6 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Little Nightmares (2.9 hours): Not a long game but a really well done game. A dark platformer that doesn't tell you anything besides what you can learn from the visuals in the game. There is a lot of care and detail on everything and the game rewards you with finding all the little special things. The plot could best be described as Spirited Away, consumerism that eats the young and binds people into an ugly future.

    Games Completed: 167
    Time: 10 weeks 124.5 hours

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution(17.4 hours) : Yes yes Dois Exquise. I played this game for 2 hours years ago and got frustrated with the shooting so I uninstalled. Now I have no idea what happened in those two hours besides something caught fire some place, other characters telling me about people getting kidnapped or a factory being attacked is my only knowledge at this point. Wouldn't say I liked the game but for some reason I just kept playing it, every 45 minutes I felt like I was getting close to the 'last chapter' but the game would always been syc not really. It makes the writing feel cheap but at the same time it is on point for square/metal gear styled games. SO MANY LADDERS FOR REAL YO, and then you die from fall two stories onto your robot legs come on. The game was enjoyable and it was pretty fun to see what a peak game was from 7 years ago. Plus punching holes in walls to find a candy bar occasionally was choice. All the sex trafficking and the occasional racial slur was interesting.

    Games Completed: 168
    Time: 10 weeks 141.9 hours

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