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  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
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    Orbital Racer(1.72 hours): Won a few races and picked up a few sponsors but not going to play it to much since it is a bit annoying/cheap. Flying around makes me think they simply ripped their environments from Shattered Horizon because the Venus space station and Asteroid race field looks A LOT like several things from that game and it is super weird to catch a shape and immediately think of Shattered Horizon. The game itself is a checkpoint space flying game with dmg and weapons. Using mouse and keyboard you can just point the ship and press W, Pyros dream. Since it does take into account energy you have sharp turns and some curving you need to do to be efficient but by the 7th race I was going against hard CPUs and the only thing screwing me over were EMP missiles. This is the real reason I am not going to try all of the courses, the freaking EMP mines and missiles. Mines you can fly around but for missiles you have to launch flares and the flares have a 25% success rate. You can either wait for an incoming missile message or just hold down the flare button and fly the entire race. The issue is when you are racing and close to each other missiles will have a 100% hit chance so flares are not very useful. Just getting out in front and laying on the speed is the only thing that seems to be very useful in the game. Visuals are pretty good for a small as you get particle effects, light changes, reflections, and some interesting HUD and course markers. If you bought the Ukraine pack you should have a key for this and I think it is worth 45 minutes of play just to see what it looks like. Wish there was LAN or multiplayer built in because it would be a fun party style game for an hour with friends as you play bumper cars on a track.

    Games Completed: 180
    Time: 12 weeks 78.42 hours

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