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  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Redout(4.66 hours): This game is brutal. There are still campaign races for me to do as I kind of jumped up in classes when I could so there are probably like 20 races I can still complete, however, Redout 2 is about to drop for free on Epic so I might be done with this. Zero-G with insane quick twitch courses and a requirement for guard bumping due to the impossible turns. You really have to learn the courses as pointers will say right but there isn't really even a slant right. Then you get into the hard S turns while you are doing 900 on entry so you just slam walls even if you are trying to drift or whatever. They do give you the ability to pitch and yaw some which is required to use to actually race but this also adds an extra bit of overhead since you need to follow the track with the right thumb stick. The rubber banding is pretty intense in this game so get ready to commit to playing for an hour if you need to have gold in everything since its brutal, AI cheats, and some times certain jumps or twist feel like they require RNG due to some invisible objects or forced drift the game can do. Plus your ship can blow up from dmg so it seems like you upgrade your ship and take mods to add health and survive-ability while ignoring speed so git gud.

    Games Completed: 207
    Time: 16 weeks 20.72

  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian

    Placid Plastic Duck Simulator(9.5 hours): Quack!

    Games Completed: 208
    Time: 16 weeks 30.22 hours

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