Expo 2013: Vintage Scotch

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Gentlemen (and any interested ladies),

Two years ago @pragtastic proposed an event with the stated goal of locating, obtaining, and consuming a single malt Scotch older than any of the participants. To the best of my recollection we accomplished this goal (I don't remember whether @Ryder was a part of this group).

I propose another undertaking, but there is a complication: as with the last time, unless Ryder participates, I would likely be the oldest in this group. As I am 36, this eliminates the 35-year bottles. Fear not though; I have located (for the proposed Expo event) a 1965 vintage bottled in 2005. As I recall, the cost to participate last time was $50 per person (six people split the $300 cost). This bottle will be somewhat more expensive (around $500 after shipping).

The last event's bottle provided enough for two sessions for six people (we decided as a group to do two sessions because of the high alcohol content and wanting to savor it rather than get plastered). Cost and amount per person is entirely dependent on participation:
- the absolute maximum attendance* is twelve which gives about 2oz each for about $42
- eight people comes out to 3oz each for about $62
- six people comes out to 4oz each for about $83, possibly becoming another two session event.

*Of course if there's an overwhelming response (or a large enough number of people that want a larger quantity) I could always order a second bottle. For that to happen though, I'd likely have to require prepayment. One bottle I can handle without a problem. Two might be a bit of a stretch.

cc: @pragtastic, @UPSLynx, @BobbyDigi, @Ryder, @Lincoln, @Tushon, @primesuspect

UPDATE (15 May)
According to the official Expo schedule, the event will be held at midnight on Friday night (ok, really 12:00am Saturday) right before the official Werewolf game. I'm opening up the second "regular" 40-year bottle to additional participation. The cost will be the same $42 for approximately 2oz.

Everyone, please make sure to pay before the event.

Vintage Participants:
1. @mertesn
2. @Ryder
3. @Tushon
4. @UPSLynx
5. @Cannonfodder
6. @malia
7. @TiberiusLazarus
8. @BobbyDigi
9. @UPSKingpin
10. @midga
Second bottle list

Edit: Updated cost split to correct for my bad math.
Edit 2: A poll has been started here
Edit 3: More details, now with 100% more bottles


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