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    I’ve curated a playlist (a rare thing for me) called “Ben Folds Rock Out”. It consists of just under 90 minutes (basically 2 discs worth) with at least 1 track from every Ben Folds / Ben Folds Five album (including the 3-EPs project from 2003). These are all the major-release versions of the songs.

    It started with me having the first two tracks stuck in my head and always wishing that energy went on for a whole album so I could use it while coding or driving (the lulls really kill me in those situations if I'm even a little tired). It evolved into a pretty deliberate ordering to have some nice contrasts and transitions, and fading back and forth between modern and classic Ben Folds albums.

    • Zak And Sara
    • Rockin' The Suburbs
    • There's Always Someone Cooler Than You
    • Dog
    • In Between Days
    • Get Your Hands Off My Woman
    • Hiro's Song
    • Trusted
    • Rent a Cop
    • Jackson Cannery
    • Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
    • Song for the Dumped
    • Effington
    • Sports & Wine
    • Dr. Yang
    • Bitch Went Nuts
    • One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
    • Steven's Last Night in Town
    • Army
    • Do It Anyway
    • So There
    • Underground
    • Them That Got

    If this was the set list at a Ben Folds concert, I'd lose my goddamn mind.

  • trooster89trooster89 Are you from London?

    @Linc this is amazing.

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    If we're in a curating mood, I'd like to offer up a playlist of some of the more obscure bands I listen to. "But Seth, you just listen to the Grateful Dead and other old person fuddy-duddy music!" Yes, this is true to an extent, but I also listen to a variety of other music. For example, Dead & Company (surviving members of the Grateful Dead fronted by John Mayer), Dark Star Orchestra (Grateful Dead cover band), and Jazz is Dead (a jazz-influenced Dead cover band) See? Lots of variety! :rolleyes:

    All joking aside, I do listen to a lot of classic rock, but my playlist has everything from Pink Floyd to Meshuggah and everything in between. Today I'll highlight a band I'm rather fond of: Morphine. Their sound has been described as "low rock." The guitars, vocals, and horns are all baritone. Generally the songs hold their tempo throughout, but the albums themselves have a manic feel to them; going from slow and low to fast-paced in the breadth of two songs. Mark Sandman, their lead singer and songwriter, had a heart attack on stage at the age of 46. They only put out 5 studio albums.

    Below is what I would call my personal Greatest Hits. The order is somewhat important. I put fast-tempo in the middle with slower bookends. The final song, however, is just a sonic crush of low rock.

    • In Spite of Me
    • I Know You, Part III
    • Hanging on a Curtain
    • The Night
    • Cure for Pain
    • Empty Box
    • Honey White
    • Scratch
    • You Speak My Language
    • Thursday
    • Murder for the Money
    • Sharks
    • Mary Won't You Call My Name
    • Eleven O' Clock
    • French Fries with Pepper
    • Potion
    • Like Swimming
    • Let's Take a Trip Together
    • You Look Like Rain
    • Souvenir
    • Free Love

    //EDIT: added a few more songs.

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    Teal Album


  • @Kwitko said:
    Today I'll highlight a band I'm rather fond of: Morphine. >

    I love Morphine, been awhile since I've listened to their stuff. As a three piece with just a two string slide bass, sax and drums, it's a funky sound you don't get from any other band. Morphine was Morphine, nobody else sounds like them.

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    More Offspring because I fell down the rabbit hole and no one else is posting.

    Dirty Magic 1992

    Dirty Magic 2012

    The original holds a special place but the higher quality sound of the 2012 version kinda blew my mind the first time I heard it and still does.

    More fun-facts because I don't know what else to call them. After reading up on the band when I got back into them after the last post I learned that Dexter Holland is not only a musical and scientific genius, but he also has a pilot license and his own brand of hot sauce that he personally developed the recipes for. I just might have picked up a variety pack out of curiosity and it just might be very tasty. He's also done numerous shows to raise money for various charities.

    This man is a legend.

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